Simply living

This year my whole plan is to SIMPLIFY.
our life, our home, our finances, our closets etc.
I just want things to be simple, clean and organized.
Less is more and all that
But of course with a touch of  my flair for the dramatic.
In this quest I've discovered that I really want to do more and more creative things and am craving the feeling I get upon completing a project with my kid or making something to spruce up our home.
In order to simplify things as much as possible we must first PURGE our home of all the clutter and unnecessary items lurking around.
This is going take some serious discipline on my part as I tend to hold on to things for 'sentimental reasons' or something. 
I need to just get rid of it all.
I came home the other evening and found my husband going through a mound of paperwork, he informed me it was in the 'junk' basket from the garage. Stuff from 2006!
He threw it all away and since I was not forced to go through it, it made no difference to me as I didn't even miss it!
So I know going through our closets and the rest of the house should be even easier right?
I say all that to say what? I had a point. Oh yes. 
The word SIMPLIFY has been resonating with me for quite some time
I'm finding a need and a desire to take things a bit slower and savor the moments.
Being that this is quite possibly is our last year (or few months) as a family of 3 I want to really make memories with our little family. 
This last year has been so amazing and I can't wait to see how our family grows in the coming months.
But we know we need to keep things simple.
Life doesn't have to be complicated to enjoy it.
I don't have to have a fully booked calendar each weekend/month to have a good time.
Sometimes 'just being' is good enough.
So I am on a quest to SIMPLIFY our lives in all areas.
We've already begun working on the finances, pulling our credit and making sure things are accurate and up to date.
Next up: scaling back on the 'ish' in our home ( if you don't know , "ish" = "S*#@")
Organizing and purging.
That is going to be my life for the next few weeks. 
It's going to be tough (for me) but I will get through 3 closets and 2 storage areas if it kills me!

what are you doing to simplify your life?


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