Recently I've mentioned Babe and I's potential desire to add to our little family here, here and even here!
Clearly I have babies on the brain!
In fact in the last 4 months it has become a major, relevant topic of conversation whereas 3 years prior.......the subject was totally off limits.
I have had several people close to me have babies within the last 3 years and each new little bundle tugs on my heart strings.
Our dear friends, the Pierre's, are getting ready to welcome their second son.
A friend from college just welcomed her new little girl today.
Her oldest and my Sweet Pea were two weeks apart. 
We even have pics of them as newborns. (smiley face)
A co-worker gave birth to her too cute daughter in April and two more co-workers are pregnant now.
Everywhere I look there are babies!
I posted a few weeks ago about my friend Rachel's pregnancy experience and it's gotten me to thinking about my own.
Both past and potential........
and I have come to one conclusion:
I'm kind of afraid.
There is so much that can happen before, during and much stress!
The 'what if's' are coming at me fast and hard and I am becoming susceptible to their questioning.
I don't like it.
I happened to check out  The Bump and clicked on " Pregnancy To-Do list" and "Conception Checkup Checklist". 
Ummm say whaat?
He has to stop eating Cottonseed Oil? what the heck? whats that in????
So many things, options, ideas and thoughts on the matter of pregnancy.
This whole 'business of being born' could be quite the conundrum for most women.
It's overwhelming all the things a woman has to think about and do prior to conceiving according to the 'public'. 
Charting Basal Body temps, ovulation schedules, figuring out when to stop birth control and start trying.
Planning our year and how we live it based on "when and if we get pregnant......."
What if we have trouble!? eek!
And then there all these 700 meeelion websites a woman can go to and find out if she's at risk, what the probability of complications are and what happens when those arise.
It's enough to make my head spin. 
I just want to have a baby! 
Another expression and extension of my wonderful husband and my goofy self.
So - now that I have freaked myself out enough to have a minor sense of panic......

I think we're just going to do it the old fashioned way (pun intended) and see what happens.

Do you have any fun trying to get pregnant stories? Was anybody else afraid of what might happen?


  1. I think it would be weird to not be a little afraid of what might happen! I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get pregnant. And then it took me two weeks to get pregnant LOL so, apparently I was worried for nothing!
    Also, I didn't chart or any of that other stuff people say to do. I don't really think it's necessary unless you have issues...I'm all about the old fashioned way! :)


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