re-inventing the Mrs.

I'm 31 years old on my way to turning 32 this year and I currently have the wardrobe of a 21 yr. old college student.
If that.... depends on where this chick goes to school.......
It's kind of sad.
Don't get me wrong - I have some great pieces that have potential to be classics but for the most part;
I live in jeans and a t-shirt/wife beater 90% of the time.
In the summer I throw on a dress/cover-up and keep it rollin.
I'm all about what's the easiest to put on.
Did I mention I work at one of the TOP rated e-commerce flash sale sites?
(Insert shameless plug - HAUTELOOK)
It seems everyone dresses better than I do but I have learned quite a bit since my hiring over a year ago.
Recently inspired to SIMPLIFY my life and the things that effect it, I made a conscious decision to purge my closets and drawers.
I usually clean out my closet once or twice a year (almost ALWAYS before a move) but with the wedding and all that other jazz that went on.....I kind of let that slide.
So for the last few weeks I have been feeling this need to get rid of things but have not had the time.
Our weekends just keep getting more and more jam packed!
But I took off last Monday to get a reprieve and some much needed QT with my best friend, so after she left and I was waiting for the Department of Education to call me back (really a 1.5 - 2hr wait???) 
I decided to tackle a few of my dresser drawers. 
(let's be honest, I was intimidated by the closet as I would have to try on some of those items) 
My husband and I have two dressers. One is 3 drawers and resides in his closet.
The other is a large 8 drawer monstrosity.
Out of those 8 drawers I was occupying 6.
My poor husband had resorted to leaving some shirts on top of his other dresser as there was no room in the other drawers.
But, being the amazing wife that I am - I decided to help him out.
I managed to purge 3 drawers worth of items and consolidate them into two.
I should mention that all my clothes are organized by color.
Hence the need for so many drawers; one for black & white items, one for pinks/purples/reds/oranges and another for browns/blues/greens.
Somehow I managed to whittle it down, giving myself the mandate :
if I haven't seen it or worn it in YEAR....... get rid of it!!
and I did.
It felt GOOD.
pretty much the last 5 years in clothing......shudder
Of course there is some trepidation because.....
"what if I got rid of that one shirt that I could wear XYZ with...."
but something tells me I'll do okay.
Especially since I'm kind of obsessed with a few fashion blogs (like Kendi Everyday and The Good Life for Less) that don't intimidate me with their 'trendiness' and not only inspire me to work with what I have but show me what's "in" when I'm ready to purchase and the practical way to wear the trends but still look like ME.
I am not a slave to fashion or trends but I do like to look cute and up-to-date.
Let me re-phrase, I aspire to look cute, up-to-date and put together -not contrived like I'm trying to hard and have been working on this outfit for days.
Basically, I want to not only look like a "Mrs"  (wife & mother) but feel it inside and out.
But not in a 'scary middle-aged mom jeans' way.
More like a Victoria Beckham/Gwen Stefani/Gwyneth Paltrow kind of vibe.
Classically edgy with a glamorous bohemian twist.
That being said I really can't be buying cheap (read: poorly made not inexpensive) clothing on a whim.
No, any clothing or shoe purchase made this year will be about quality.
I will ask myself serious questions and only go shopping for items that I need that will help boost my closet.
Will I be wearing this in 5 years? Will it hold up that long?
Sure, I'll probably end up in Forever 21 "looking for a shirt real quick" on occasion because that's how I roll ,but I feel like if I can get a better working closet then the need/desire to fill it with unnecessary items will fall by the wayside.
Oh who am I kidding.
The thrill of the purchase is just as much fun as the actual item.
But I'm learning that instant gratification isn't always best (cannot believe I just typed that!)
That some things are worth waiting for : like a fabulous pair of  L.A.M.B or Dolce Vita shoes or Joe's Jeans or Paige Premium Denim  in a classic wash and fit.
A lot of times I'm able to find these items for WICKED less than their retail price tag but by then I'm usually out of money because I bought crap.....
so long impulse purchases, see you later " weekly trendsters"......
In 2011 I am officially re-inventing this Mrs. ......won't you come along and see how it goes?


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