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One of my goals this year is to get our house more organized and simplify things.
I have a tendency to be somewhat of a pack rat, albeit and organized and tidy pack rat, so I know there's a few things we could stand to lose.
When we moved the summer  before last, while planning a wedding, looking for a job and going through some other things (+ being a million degrees) so I never really got fully organized and things up &running the way I'd like them to.
Ideally that is.
To start with - I want to 're-do' our "office/craft room/ catch all" by the end of March.
I use the term 're-do' loosely and think I like Edie of LifeinGrace's "redecorange" a lot better.
Speaking of Edie - since I stumbled upon her blog a few days ago as well as this gem and this one have not been able to get decorating and design out of my head since.
I want my home to be a reflection of our personalities and right now - it's not really saying much about us.
It's functional and 'cute' but there's no real style or pizazz there. 
No painstaking attention to detail with knick-knacks placed here and there; no real rhyme or reason to the overall feel of the place.
I want color. I want pizazz!! 
So I scoured the blog-o-sphere to see what I could see and get some D.I.Y design ideas.
And boy did i get ideas!
There is so much stinking cute stuff out there! sheesh!
where do I begin?
With the budget obviously but first I need to figure out what the room's function is to be and plan to "re-decorrange" according to that ideal.
This room is supposed to be an office/ workspace not just for me but Babe as well.
The first thing I want to do is get rid of this huge desk and find something smaller and more colorful
Originally I wanted this desk from IKEA,
but at $119 its not a huge steal and that would totally blow the $200 budget I am giving myself.
Clearly I want / need a new desk but it should be both functional AND cute and then I saw this on LifeinGrace and just about died.
And my good friend Melissa has this area of cuteness
So I thought, how can I do that, and do it for less?
Solution: Find an old desk on Craigslist or at a yard or garage sale, paint it and ta-dah! 
New hotness just for me! And let's face it - I'm not really going to get up and go garage sale-ing, nor do I have the time, and Craigslist is such a crapshoot........so I decided I would check out the desks we have at my parent's homes (mine & my brothers) and see if those would be viable options.
I'll let you know how that goes.
I also want to have ample storage for my crafting and art supplies that are clearly labeled so there is no clutter that builds up!
Cuz let me tell ya, the clutter - it can kill you! (seriously, have you seen Hoarders?)

I'm also going to take before, during and after photos so you can see the whole process.
Or rather so I can make sure that my ideas don't look too wacky.
Wish me luck!


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