A happy heart, some crafts, a birthday and a best friend

My heart is happy for oh so many reasons and it's only the second day of the week!
We had quite a lovely weekend going here and there and making/doing this and that.
Saturday my lovely friend Kristen came by for a few hours of marathon crafting.
She is such a dear heart. 
We found this lovely craft on Eighteen25 originally from The Idea Room  and then this cute idea as well and I must say I am pretty pleased with the results.
Kristen had the pleasure of cutting over 100+ felt circles in hot pink, red and baby pink for our little project. Lucky for her she had a 'secret weapon'
(read her boyfriend works for the school district and they have a die cut machine in their office. NICE.)
Not to leave Sweet Pea out I had her paint some wooden letters I scored a few weeks ago at Jo-Ann's on super clearance ( hello $0.29 each!) as well as a picture frame from Michael's
a little paint, a little glue & a decorative accent = a too cute custom frame!

I'm quite pleased with the results of our Valentine's topiary!
I was also inspired by a few other creative souls out there in cyber space and decided to try my hand at banner making.
These are all the rage in the land of crafty-mommyblogging- crafty crafters.
I love them.
So easy to do and so many different ways to switch it up for each event/ theme!

Sweet Pea's hard work!

So now our humble abode is filled with love and sparkles again!
Sunday we went to the 1st birthday party of young Kingston.
You might recall me talking about his brother's birthday here.
This day was all about this cute little guy and the joy he has brought us all in the past year
Happy Birthday to the King!

how cute is this kid!?!
enjoying his first piece of cake!

We had such fun celebrating this little guy, getting to meet his brother, and spending some quality time with friends!
Later that evening MY best friend Michelle came over for a visit.
She's in town checking on her dad and family and crashed at my place for a night to clear her head.
We managed to cover the last 6 months of not seeing each other over 1.5 bottles of wine in less than 24 hours.
She left to go back to be with her dad yesterday morning around 11am.
Short & sweet but just what we both needed.
I love that girl so much.
We can go for days not talking, months not seeing each other and when we do - it's like no time has passed.
She has grown into such an amazing/inspiring wife & mother. 
I am so proud of her!
It was great to just sit and catch up for a bit while Sweet Pea was off in dream land and Babe worked on some things on the computer.
I love that my darling husband was so kind to give us the necessary space to
'get our CHAT on'!!
Thank God for that man!!!
After she left yesterday I was able to tackle a myriad of things on my "Honey-Do list" that my husband left me (insert laugh track and silly eye roll here) and was feeling SO productive that I managed to clear out two drawers in our dresser and give one to my poor deprived hubby.
(out of 8 drawers I was occupying 6. I'm now down to 5)
It felt really good to purge and was not as hard as it usually is.
I have a tendency to pull the ' well this is still cute and I could wear it with  XYZ......' 
This time I was quite firm with myself and decided if I hadn't worn it in a year it was getting tossed. 
Clearly quite a bit didn't make the grade.
Why I have all that miscelleanous stuff is beyond me.
It was kinda neat to see how my style has evolved a bit and where it's heading based on my toss pile.
Next up: the Closet!

I had a blast these past few days and the 75 -80  degree weather we're having is just adding to my bliss!

What's made you happy this weekend?
What are you looking forward to this week?
Oh and if you haven't already - check me out HERE!!
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