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I'm sort of a day behind on my posting 'schedule'.
 Normally I would've written my weekend wrap up late Sunday or Monday evening but I had the pleasure of watching the sweet  first born son of our dear friends, the Pierre's, while they went to the hospital to welcome their second son.
In the wee morning hours of January 10th I received a phone call from Monica asking if I could keep the King as their original plan was not available.
Without hesitating I said yes and promptly fell back asleep.
Babe had a 100 million questions and was wanting details of the goings on but I was much too tired (yet oddly keyed up & excited) to be bothered with such nuances.
Quick as can be Al & Monica relinquished my date for the day and raced to the hospital.
At 10:46 am a Prince was born.
6lbs, 15oz.
His brother was taking a nap.
Having spent his morning playing, chatting, exploring and eating the King fell asleep shortly before his little brother made his grand entrance into the world.
My cup runneth over.
I am so happy for our friends!
Babies are such a blessing and these two boys are so loved!!
Catching up on the weekend -
My fabulously talented photographer friend Melissa and our other friend Amber were finally able to carve out a 'date night' for the three of us.
It was loverly.
Great food (Melissa is an excellent cook!), yummy treats (Amber hooked us up with a trio of dessert from Rossmoor Pastries) and both the bubbly and conversation were both flowing and fun.
I left with a full heart and a full tummy.
And no pictures. That's how I know we enjoyed each other.
I mentioned here that I purchased a CRICUT from my friend Rachel, so Saturday I swung by her place to pick up my goods!

I also had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on this little angel and her too cute big sister!Fortunately for me, Rachel lives down the road from my dad so I stopped by his house while I was down there and he had a surprise for me:
A 3 tier, 36 piece cupcake carrier! Whoohoo!!
I was super excited being that I had seen the exact same one at my cousin's over NYE weekend, found out where she got it and thought "oh if they're there next time I go, I'll grab one" but knew deep down they would probably be
After leaving his house, I was off to BJ's Brewery in Brea to meet up with a long lost friend.
Once again, thanks to the powers of Facebook I was able to re-connect with an old friend from my BCHS days.....who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend of my older brother's.
I know it seems a bit odd, to say the least, but we honestly had a great friendship outside of and after their relationship.
She was like the older sister I never had. Always listened to my 'drama' and stories, she entertained my flights of fancy and gave me sound advice.
She also let me borrow her clothes which , in my opinion, was pretty freakin rad as she was a 'stylish 90's teen' (think Cross Colors ; yeah... super fresh) , AND she had her the coolest room with her own phone line.
In short - she was my shero.
I hadn't seen her since I was in high school as we lost touch after I got busy with teen life and she was in college.
She recently moved back to the area so I was anxious to hang out and catch up!
We had the best lunch.
We met up about 12:30 and four hours later we were still talking.
It was the best feeling in the world to sit with my old friend and feel like no time has passed only a lifetime has passed - we are both married with little girls , have finished school and grown so much in that time.
But we remain friends.
Solid friends.

The coolest thing is that I know this meeting wasn't a fluke.
A 'let's catch up' and we never see each other again except in passing.
Nope, we have plans to get introduce our men and make this a regular thing.
I am so excited, to continue our friendship and see it grow!
After the-longest-lunch-ever I headed over to Monica's baby shower for more yummy snacks and kicked some serious boo-tay in all the games!
After the shower we headed up, cuddled up and watched Shrek: Forever After
Went to church to feed my soul and came back ready to tackle the grocery shopping.
There was a small attack that occurred when I was unable to locate my bless-ed Costco card but I just went to the store and got a replacement.
Came home with a trunk full of eats and got to preparing some yummy crock-pot BBQ Chicken....deelish!
Babe and I caught up on the DVR a bit and then called it a night......and then....well if you've gotten this far you know the rest!
Whew! I can honestly say there wasn't a whole 'lotta restin' happening over here but as always it was filled with our favorite people, lots of food and tons of laughter.
What more could I ask for?

What did y'all do this weekend?


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