Backlog - Transition

Exactly one year ago I was in a completely different place.
I look at my life now and am so happy about all the changes and things that have transpired in the last 12months.
This time last year we were preparing for my Gramma's imminent departure from this world.
This Thursday is the anniversary of her passing.
My how the world has changed in this short span of a year.
 My best friend is coming into town this weekend and her timing couldn't be better.
While I'm happy to have her here for a few days without wedding craziness going on - her reasons for travelling so far from home are not 'fun'.
Her father is losing is slowly wasting away.
He is losing a hard fought battle against the human form of mad cow disease known as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) or new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (nvCJD).
He's actually had the disease for several years but the symptoms really only began to show up in late 2009 and were more pronounced by his diagnosis in 2010.
It's heartbreaking. I ache for my friend and her impending loss.
I can't imagine if it was my father.
She has been so brave and strong through it all.
While the rest of her family appears to be falling apart she has been the sound mind in all of this.
But I know it's killing her. And all I can do is hug her, hold her hand, talk to her and pray for the family.
I know that when he goes her world will be rocked.
Just as mine was on that fateful day.
It's life changing, earth shattering and all that.
I feel like I'm just now finally coming out of that dark place and am basking in the light.
I know that for her - there will be a similar feeling.
The upside is she has an amazing & supportive husband, two beautiful kids and ME.
yep, I listed myself. I am part of her support system and intend to be there for her and her family.
So, as we go into this weekend with a somewhat heavy heart we are comforted by the fact that this last year has really put things in perspective for both of us.
Forcing us to realize what's important, what matters most. 
Perspective - even in trying times is always a good thing.


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