Tuesday, August 31, 2010

With Sweet Pea going back to school and the wedding over and done with I've kind of been sitting around like : well now what?
what am I going to take on next?
Obviously, the next question people ask once you've been married about a month "so when are you going to start having babies?" - seeing as how we already have one; no rush there.
but i will be honest: i have had babies on the brain for quite some time lately.
most likely because of the abundance of cuddly cuteness I am surrounded by.
My hair-dresser and sister-friend has an almost 1yr. old  I'm slightly obsessed with. 
 (don't you just want to squeeze him?)
(not to worry he totally hearts me too) and our other good friends the Pierre's have a little one as well with baby # 2 on the way!
And I have to admit - with Sweet Pea getting older I kind of want to have a little one around.
yes. I said it. and you can quote me on that.
I kind of want to have a baby. I'm really curious to see what he/she would look like and if they would be anything like Sweet Pea.
Obviously not right now, right now.
but in like a years time.
Which, if you know me at all or have known me in the last 8 years, is quite ......um interesting if not comical.
See for some time I was hell bent on NOT having another baby.
I had no desire to go through that again. And I'll tell you why - well at least the short version:
see we got pregnant when I was 22 and still in college. To say my parents were less than thrilled is putting it mildly. My mom was livid thinking I'd ruined my life, my brother was disappointed and my dad just threw up his hands. I knew we were having this baby but had no idea how we were going to take care of her or what we were going to do about my family and them being upset. Seeds of indecision and fear were planted.
Fortunately for me, the Lord provides and we can do all things ( Philippians 4:13) with Him. So He provided me with a wonderful set of "in-laws". They loved on me and my baby and took such good care of us.
But it was not without stress. My whole pregnancy was marred by distress of some kind on a familial level.
Then she was born. Mommy's little angel. Cute as could be and EVERYONE fell in love immediately.
But the feelings of inadequacy as a young mother, confusion about if I was doing the right/best thing and doubt about my relationship still lingered.
It took a while for all that to go away. I actually still have those feelings at times and am working through them (but that's a whole other post.)
And now here we are - 8 years later and I believe that I am ready to: 

  •  accept this gift of life that is being given to me wholeheartedly.

  •  forgive anyone who may have hurt my feelings while I was pregnant with Sweet Pea.

  • let go and just be a mom in the way the God intended
Having said that - I am going to put it out there: next year this time I would like to be pregnant with our next little bundle of love.
But until then.......I will just love on all the cuddlebugs in my life until we are blessed to have another of our own

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the most amazing cupcakes ever & time to schoolhouse rock

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday evening and I am preparing myself for work tomorrow.
where the heck did the weekend go?
I swear these two measly days are going by faster and faster!!!
Summer is winding down and we are trying to squeeze out every last little bit of fun we can!
Not that we don't have fun during the school year but we all know there is a HUGE difference between late-night-no-school-the-next-day- summer fun and have-to-go-to-school-the-next-day kind of fun!
So to honor the last few days of summer we broke in the new grill and the new Kitchen Aid mixer and had a few friends over for some eats!
I.am. IN.LOVE.with.my.mixer.
Like, for serious - IN LOVE.
It's been sitting in my house since mid June but ya know "wedding stuff" got in the way so it didn't get used.
But remember when I said we organized things?
Well yeah - now it's out and ready to be used!
so I did!
I made this bit of

as I was passed the recipe a few months back but never had the time to get busy.
Ummmm. Yeah.
Will DEFINITELY be making those again.
The only changes I made is that I used a yellow cake base instead of chocolate.
***I'm not that big of a fan of chocolate cake
Needless to say we are in a bit of a cupcake coma around these parts.


Tomorrow morning Sweet Pea starts the 3rd grade!
I have no idea how this happened. 
 I know I say it all the time but any mom will tell you that the phrase ' they grow up so fast' will become your mantra from age 2 on to 18.
She picked out her outfit
 (skinny jeans, tunic and patent grey flats  and star earrings thank-you-very-much)
made her lunch
snazzy new backpack
and got her hair 'done'.
She is ready to rock the third grade.
Bring on the multiplication , book reports and science projects.

So long, Summer........

Welcome Back to School!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one ohhhhhm at a time..........

guess what y'all?
Today is YOGA TUESDAY!!!!
you know what that means?
I get to do yoga w/ my boo's!!!!
whoop whoop!!
We probably haven't met regularly since about April. 
I kid you not.
and I've MISSED it!!!
I need to get ZEN in the den ya dig?
I'm not as scattered as I had been feeling and I think a HUGE help was clearing out some of the mess that was in our kitchen.
and by 'mess' I mean goodies we got as wedding gifts + decor remnants + craft supplies needing a home.
yeah that?
finally got a handle on it.
all of the goodies have been taken out of their traveling homes and put away neatly.
The decor remnants + crafting supplies have been neatly stacked and are awaiting their turn to find a good home.
Finally, got to utilize those fabulous gift cards we got as well!
Two carts and several hundred dollars later........
I have a new bedding set! 

Except our sheets are a really pretty pomegranate color.
We also came up on a new shower curtain to match the swanky new 'bath sheets' we were gifted.
Basically I just went in there and was like "yeah I like that. I'll take it!" didn't even bother to look at the price tag ( well in some instances)
boy was that refreshing!
spend as much as you want without having to worry about the consequences?
Yes, please!!!
And once we got home and go to putting things away that inspired the Hubbs to get to work on the kitchen thusly prompting ME to re-organize.
While I did grumble about it ( who wouldn't? it was 98 degrees in my house!)
It made me feel so good to have that out of the way and to see how snazzy my kitchen looked!!!!

Hooray for Target, gift cards and organizing!!!
and let's give it up for a husband who does all these things on his own!!!
whoooo hoooo!!!! 

so how's your week going?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Five question Friday!!!!!

So it's been awhile since I linked up with Mama M for her 5Q Friday - mostly because I got crazy busy with wedding planning and work - but now that that's done..........lookout now!!!

Without further ado - here are this week's questions!
  1.  Do you have any nicknames and if so how did they come about?
  2. What is the birth order among your siblings
  3. in the movie of your life who would play your significant other?
  4. what is currently your favorite song?
  5. Are you saving money for anything right now? Big or small purchases?
The Rules: Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions, answer them, then make sure to link up when the linky's up! If you are "blogless", feel free to answer the comments below!

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did they come about? I actually have a couple nicknames , Amb, Ambular (thank you girls of Clueless!) , Eber ( thanks to my bro - i have no idea how he cam up w/ that), Babe - most of them originated from my family + friends.  Nothing exciting there.
2.What is the birth order among your siblings
I am the second of two and i love being the baby!!! 
3. in the movie of your life who would play your significant other?
good question. can't say that i've ever thought of that. perhaps Will Smith? he's funny & handsome just like my husband! Or Lenny Kravitz. He's a little more indie but easy on the eyes just the same = )
4. what is currently your favorite song?
oooh i have a couple 'favorites' - since i'm all over the board w/ my music choices right now I'm lovin:
"there goes my baby" - Usher
"Teach me how to Dougie"- Cali Swag District
"I'm Not Afraid" - Eminem

5. Are you saving money for anything right now? Big or small purchases?
yes! it's nice to not be saving so drastically as we were for the wedding but we still have so many things we want to do! Right now we are saving for:
Babe's Wine Tasting birthday weekend
my Makeup Artistry Certification course
I am super excited for both as they are a lot closer than planning/saving for an event over a year away and let's face it  - who doesn't like instant gratification?

well that's my 5 Q answers.

go ahead and reply and link up!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the Honeymoon will NEVER be over.......

Well here we are folks!
I am finally getting around to incorporating some Honeymoon pics on here!
I have been so lazy lately I feel as though I am moving under water some days!
If you don't know - we went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico for 6 days of R&R post wedding.
It was nothing short of amazing!
We stayed at the beautiful hotel
(and got a great deal to boot thanks to one of our Best Men)
and took in some of the 'sights' as well as 'attractions'.

  •  went zip lining at speeds upwards of 30mph and ridiculous heights, that also included a rappel down 180 ft. mountain.Yep. I did that. and I didn't even scrape my knee!!!  (snaps for me) AND a tequila tasting
  • took a Glass Bottom Boat water taxi to Lover's Beach and had a tour of the famous Arch (where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez)
  • Had yummy/ romantic dinners by candlelight while the waves crashed against the shore
  • Attended five meelion timeshare presentations to get a bunch of free ish (hence the zip lining and whatnot)
  • Met a few other Newlyweds and bonded over drinks
  • Had a sunset cruise and cabaret show
  • were forced to do shots of tequila ( they twisted my arm I promise!!  => )
  • had an all around good time with each other
Before we knew it ; it was time to head back to "real life".
We had such a fabulous time re-connecting with each other and making goo goo eyes over dinner. In all the hustle, bustle and DRAMA that led up to our blessed event we sort of lost each other.
we never forgot what we were doing or why but we were so busy doing other things that we weren't really able to spend time together as a couple.
just us.
so check it out below.
it's just us.
me & my Babe.

do we look like we enjoyed our vacation much????

annnnd awayyyyy we go!!

Viva Los Cabos Mexico!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

monday mish mash

I am just a hodge podge of thoughts and ideas right now.
so much swirling around in my head!
It's hard to get a firm grip on things lately.
It seems now that the wedding is over we still haven't slowed down as much as I would have thought.
Sure our days/nights are no longer packed with following up on R.S.V.P's and making sure all the aunts & uncles have outfits to wear.
Now we have come to the ultimate : what do we do next phase.
When we moved last year it was w/ a one year lease and shortly before the wedding we received an email from the property managers stating they would love to have us as tenants for another year.......BUT our rent was going up.
And of course my wonderful husband began immediately looking for a new home for us......
citing space issues etc.......
but I put my foot down.
We are NOT moving just before/after a wedding!
That's just crazy!
But now that I'm thinking about it........
I think he may be right.

We have been seriously talking about having another baby 
(yes there will be an 8 year age gap.....sue me)
and could for sure use more living space.
We also wouldn't mind moving to another area where the local school offers after school care at a fraction of what we pay now.
(believe me when I say it's exorbitant......)
so that's a HUGE factor as our family comes first.
Babe is also up for a new position which would help us in our endeavors to obtain a large place and allow us to have a little bit less stress about money/budgets/ all the things I don't want to deal with.
So please say a prayer for him (us) this week as he interviews and awaits an answer.
At this stage all we can do is leave it in God's hands and I know the Lord is good and faithful so we are just lifting it up to him.
On another note - I have some other personal 'obstacles' ( I guess you could call them that) that I am dealing with.
Kind of the "where do I go from here" situation.
I feel as though I'm at yet another cross-roads in trying to figure out what to do with my life.
What is my dream?????

That is the elusive answer I am seeking......

anyone got any ideas?

into the groove ......kind of a mess

I finally feel like I'm getting back into the groove.
Back to the swing of things.
3 weeks later.
but in about 2 more weeks it will all change again
Sweet Pea goes back to school on August 30th.
3rd grade.
I can't even believe it.
where has the time gone?
it was just a minute ago she was starting Kindergarten!
But alas, these are the days of our lives.

As usual we have a LOT going on in our home.
Still trying to find a home for the majority of these wedding gifts.
I need a few days to just sit w/ my stuff and re-organize a few areas of the house (namely the cabinets for pots/pans + baking equipment) but either "haven't had the time" / been too lazy to tackle it all.
who knew the after math of a wedding was just as much chaos as the prelude?
and if you knew - why didn't anyone say something to me!!????
thanks a lot people!

So that's a project.

And then there are the gift cards. 
Oh how I love and despise thee......
You give me the option of choosing to spend you on whatever my heart desires but oh how you mock me with your limits and options!!
Now - if you read this blog or know me in person at all you KNOW how I love me some Target.
But right now I am having such a hard time trying to decide how to best utilize my many wonderful gift cards!
What if I make the wrong decision and waste it?
So for now - I will wait.
I will do some "online scouting" and hit the store this weekend armed with a list of wants/needs for the house and other "quirks" set to quench my absurd flights of fancy when.

I am seriously looking forward to it.
On another note:
We spent a lovely weekend with friends and out enjoying the weather.
Friday night I rushed home from work as the Mr. and I had a date to go see Cedric The Entertainer at the Gibson Amphitheater next to Universal Studios.
Fabulously fun evening.
Laughed so hard I cried and my face still hurt the next day!!
the tickets were a wedding gift and we thoroughly enjoyed our first official 'date night' as a married couple!
Sweet Pea slept over her BFF/Sister Friend's house on Friday and then her mom dropped the girls off so I could take them to a party Saturday afternoon.
Cupcakes + jumper + candy bar+ trampoline + chocolate dipped/covered EVERYTHING = a GRAND ole time for the girls.
I had a pretty good time catching up w/ my yoga boo as well..... 
Yesterday was nice and simple - ran a few errands, took the girls to the pool, dropped the other kiddo off and took time to play w/ the baby ; movie w/ the Sweet Pea and then homemade spaghetti dinner for all!!
Love, love, love a fun and relaxing weekend.

What have you been up to???

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

picture post!!

So, my BFF Pie 
(who actually has a real name, we just never use it - even Sweet Pea calls her "Auntie Pie")
posted some pics on FB and I swiped some.
As did one of our other long-time married friends,
Mrs. Alexander as I like to call her,.......
So I jacked a few images from them.
I still need to off load the pics from MY camera of that whole week but I'm a work in progress.
And without further adieu here is a visual of our " I Do's"!

(in no particular order)

the backlash........

so here it is a full two weeks post wedding and I still haven't posted any 'new' wedding or honeymoon pics.
I am totally fired as a blogger.
but that's simply because no one tells you all the FUN that happens 
after the wedding.
The joy of coming home to a house that looks like a hair,nail polish, makeup, glitter & feather tornado went through it.
Nope - they don't tell you that all those 'Thank Yous" that you planned to just 'knock out real quick' will take a lot longer than you thought.
That the laundry will be piled up 
They also don't tell you that after a crazy year or so of planning, 8 days off of work and 6 days for a honeymoon you will want. to. do. NOTHING.
All I want to do is sit on my couch and look at all the stuff we got.
However, my super driven/motivated husband is insisting that I get off my duff and get to it!
so last night I started the Thank Yous, I've been tackling the laundry bit by bit and the house seems to be resembling our home once again.
Less like a Crate & Barrel / Target warehouse.
And I have to admit.
I'm kind of having a bit of a withdrawal.
No hustle and bustle and crossing things off the massive 'to-do' list........
no dresses to order/ measure, shoes to color match and hair -do's to figure out.
Just silence and stillness.
I went by my friend Melissa's house on Sunday to help HER w/ some wedding crafts and I was feeling sad cuz I wasn't in that 'i'm kind of a crazy lady w/ a glue gun" type phase.
and folks - I am SO excited for her wedding!!!
it is going to be SO freaking cute and I can't wait to see how all the elements come together!!!
 Which definitely gets my wheels turning but that is another thought for another post on another day!

On another note it seems odd to not have a calender full of stuff 'to -do' and have every weekend packed.
Though we are starting to fill in a lot of the empty spaces it was bizarre to look at it and know there was nothing we had to do in August.
And that was/is a nice feeling.
to kind of just be still for a bit.
It won't last long I'm sure but for now........

I will enjoy the stillness and catch up on my DVR w/ the Hubbs.

What have you all been up to?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hello out there in blogging land!!!
did ya miss me??
I've been a bit M.I.A. for the last few weeks as we had THE event finally take place.
That's right.
I'm married y'all!!!!!!!

On Saturday July 24, 2010 at 3pm in the afternoon I married my Babe.
In front of God, Sweet Pea and all our wonderful friends and family!!

It was the happiest moment of my life.

I don't think there are more than 4-5 pictures of me with my mouth closed.
I laughed ALL day long.
I have to give a HUGE shout out to my AMAZING photographers Melissa Brandman and Melissa Munding.

Please go check out both of their sites and leave comments if you like the pics! 
These two ladies came, mingled with the crowd, got some fantastic shots and overall captured the entire spirit of our wedding day and still managed to get their boogie on as well!!!

I'm a little reluctant to get 'back to reality' after the fun of the wedding/reception and the HONEYMOON fun so I have been procrastinating getting on the internet and downloading pictures.
and boy are there pictures!
Somehow we managed to have two professional photogs and about 4-6 amatuers!!!
Thanks friends - you got all the angles covered!!!
So until I get my head back on straight and get out of my "Cabo state of mind"
I will leave you with one more

yes i do love that husband of mine!!!


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