'tis the season......it's the most wonderful time of the year

Oh the weather outside is frightful......but inside it's so delightful....... oddly enough it actually is for once.
Worst series of storms So Cal has seen in years......
It's rained for the last 4 days straight which NEVER happens.....
and I happened to have to be out and about during most of it.
Saturday Sweet Pea and I ran down to Long Beach to hit up my favorite craft supply store the Fabric Barn and loaded up on TONS of goodies.
I got branches and berries, glitter and paint, ribbons, headbands and hair clips galore!
It was so much fun!
$60 later......we walked out totally satisfied with our purchases and inspired to create!
[side note: Martha Stewart glitter albeit fabulous is a bit too expensive for my taste for one small jar - upwards of $3.99.....well I found the exact same glitter(colors) for $1.30!!!!
Needless to say Martha  has lost a customer. ]
Even though it was pouring cats & dogs we had a delightful time just she and I dodging the rain drops , getting our Target on as well as partaking in some yummy Chinese cuisine!
I left Sweet Pea with my mother as they were headed to see The Nutcracker on Sunday and I was off to do some Christmas shopping!
My first stop was Toys-R-Us as they were having a killer sale on one of her top wish list items and her Papa had given me some money to pick her up a 'few things'. 
So off I go and its a complete madhouse. 
But I rush back to my area - get my bundle and head to the register. 
Paid for the package and then headed to my dad's house so he could wrap it.
As I'm driving it's irking me that my total was not the final advertised price but whatever, right?
Leave the gift with my dad and head back over the hill to my humble abode. About a quarter of the way home my wheels start really turning and I am appalled that I was bamboozled so easily!
Upon returning home I am mumbling and disgruntled about the pricing issue and know that because it's a 'weekend madness' sale they will try and screw me over and say I should've brought it back the night before.
Since the store is open until 1am I drag my wonderful husband back down to Cypress/Cerritos to make the exchange.
It even worked out better because her gift is now in her favorite color!!!
(which the lazy girl  working there sad they didn't have any more of!)
Sunday I got up semi-early and braved hit my favorite stores to finalize the 'gift situation' and ended up scoring some cute embellishments not only for the tree but around the house as well!
I also found a cute top to wear Christmas day and discovered that William Rast for Target is in stores! 
Whoo Hoo!
I was able to wrap all of the kids gifts and make some treats for later on in the week as well, while watching Eat, Pray, Love!!!
I do love a lazily productive day!
Here are few pics from this weekends entertainment!
(a wonderful FREE printable I found to make my house more "festive")

I added some stones, twigs and berries to turn this into a wintry decorative accent

yet another printable from the girls at eighteen25

yet another FREE printable

I fancied up the bow w/ some glittery berries to make tie it all in!

just a little vase w/ some ornaments to add some holiday cheer to the sideboard!

So what were you up to this weekend?

And tell me......what do you think of our "fanciness"?????


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