the magic of the season.....

My friend Rachel gave birth to her second baby girl yesterday morning after being pregnant for a million years (seriously - 17 days past 'due date').
It wasn't the birth she had planned but it was just as it should have been.
Her fabulous sister-in-law happens to be the uber talented  photographer Melissa Brandman and she was of course, on hand to capture those first few moments of pure love and adoration.
Being the emotional basket case I have been - I immediately got misty eyed. There is something in those photos that speaks to me. 
I don't know what it is  about them.....but Mel if you are reading this - you hit it on the head girlfriend!!
This comes on top of Babe and I talking about when to "plan" for baby #2 (late next year - don't get excited)- and a good friend & co-worker letting me know they were in the 'family way'; so I clearly have babies on the brain!
And this time of year always tends to tug at my heartstrings and get me all choked up over the slightest things.
I am all kinds of excited about the holiday buzz in the air though.
I love the extra excitement that lights and a little bit of sparkle bring to everyone! 
And I have been really trying to make it a point and enjoy certain highlights of the season i.e. watching cheesy Holiday themed movies (both classics like 'White Christmas' and 'Miracle on 34th Street' as well as new ones 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and 'Elf') and making crafts with Sweet Pea, reading in front of a lit tree in a darkened living room just taking time to be in. the. moment.
That's a rarity for me and something I struggle with so it's been nice to just enjoy it all.
I do love this time of year though. It's something about the idea of wrapping up all those loose ends ( and putting them in a pretty box with a jazzy bow) that sets my soul at ease.
And I must say I am ready to put the kibosh on this year.
SO much has transpired and while it was mostly good - there was quite a bit of nonsense I could've done without as well..... but as always it was a year of plenty of growth and change.......and I can't wait to see what next year brings!


  1. Aw thanks, Amber! I was so fortunate to be there the first time Rachel got to hold Frankie. I was misty-eyed the entire time I was in and around the NICU - we so take for granted that our babies will be born healthy and happy. So glad she was able to come home for Christmas

    Merry Christmas my dear! So excited to see what 2011 brings your family!!


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