hollidazed & confused

time is just flying by these days! 
we are just 12 days out from Christmas!
Holy cow- how did that happen?
I seriously have no idea where the last 6 weeks have gone!
And I haven't done a lick of Christmas shopping.
Not a bit.
Well except for my Secret Santa at work. 
But that was just one quick thing.
And its actually okay since I will be giving a lot of handmade gifts this year!
The kid is only getting a few "toy" items and the rest will be crafted just for her!
Hopefully they turn out properly!
(insert- nail- biting- moment- of -panic here:________)
This past weekend was the "official" start of the Holiday Crafting Season in my casa and it was a glitterific situation.
We attempted to re-create the  Glitter Tree cuteness from the gals at Eighteen 25  but things didn't exactly go according to plan.

The first thing was getting the glitter to stay stuck to the Styrofoam cone.
I used a spray adhesive to set it and had Sweet Pea sprinkle the glitter on top and just do that back and forth.
It took awhile to get one completed and my kitchen floors will never be the same.
While Sweet Pea was glitterizing (that's a word ya know) I stepped outside to spray paint my cheap candle sticks.
I have to say - when I first went to the Dollar Tree looking for candle sticks I found short stubby ones that I could 'make do' but when I went back Saturday I found exact replica's of the ones used in the post! Eureka!!!!
 Armed with my can of paint and plenty of news paper - I aimed my spray can and let it rip!
In the begining it looked great but kinda transparent-y so I added a few sprays here and there and went back in side.
A few hours later I came out to this:
Cracked and peeling paint!
What did I do wrong????
How do I fix it??????
As we were waiting for the candle sticks to dry and we decided to try making one of the cones we wanted to do to decorate our home , I opened the fancy Martha Stewart glittering craft set only to discover that in my excitement and haste......I had purchased glitter glue in stead of glitter.
Not to thwarted we carried on with the remainder of the cones that will be used to decorate our 'mutual space' at work.
We managed to make 4 "trees" before running out of glitter 
(most of which is in the cracks and crevices of my kitchen tile.......this project will haunt me forever)
So the last tree is a "collection" of the green, red & silver used on the others & its classy.

Overall Sweet Pea and I had a grand time doing this craft and it helped me see how it easy it is to take a cone and turn it into something spectacular.......my wheels are turning a bit.
It was also nice to have the quality time with the kid w/ out the TV in the background.
Of course while we waited for our creations to dry we turned on Charlie Brown's Christmas and "The Muppet's Christmas Carol"  complete with popcorn to get us really in the holiday mood.
We also tried our hand at making a ribbon bow to use as a tree topper!
That was pretty fun actually - I made one w/ a roll of ribbon leftover from my Dollar Tree run, ended up wanting it a little fuller than it was, so I made one more out of the same ribbon, tied them together and voila! 
Magical greatness!

I even had enough ribbon leftover to 'create' a wreath for the door and put my bow making skills to the test and made another one - this time in a jazzy sparkling green- to add pizazz to the plain-ish silver and white ribbon!

I was a crafting sensation on Saturday I tell ya!
This week we will attempt to finish our original craft of the Glitter Trees and the subway art and I will post pics and let you know how it goes......

wish me luck!


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