giving thanks and getting a break

Eeek! I'm so "behind" on my posting!
Here it is  December and I have yet to post about only "the best eating holiday EVER!!"
Not my words but my sentiments for.sure.
So Thanksgiving has come and gone.
We had a LOVELY  but quiet week - the Sweet Pea was in the valley with my Sister-in-love Ganell so it was just me & Babe all week.
We watched lots of sports. (yay)
And cooked a fancy meal together (yaaaay!)
Just got some quality time in.
It was nice.
Thanksgiving day I got up early enough and began my preparations for my contributions to the family meal.
Now I have to say that most of my in-laws can cook. and I don't mean they know how I mean they COOOOOOOK.
Like the real deal holy field.
I dabble. Well I'm a lot better than I used to be which is why I'm sure they were all shaking in their true religions when they found out I was making the mac'n'cheese.
Babe tried to let me out of it but I was bound and determined to not be the 'salad & drink maker' for all time.
I'm 31 year old married woman for pete's sake!
So I set about my preparations and was slightly nervous as I was trying a new recipe this year..........
Because there are five meelion of us ; I thought I would make some appetizers since we are all always starving before dinner is 'ready'.
I made the Pioneer Woman's BBQ Bacon Jalapeno Poppers and my oh my!
Those suckers went like hot cocoa on a cold day!!
So good! I think they will now become a go-to appetizer of choice!
Since I was on a roll I tried out her Mac'n' Cheese recipe as well but made a few slight modifications.
It was divine.
If I do say so myself.
In fact the hubbs and my sisters in love were quite impressed.
That made my heart so happy.
It was so great to spend the day stuffing our faces with our loved ones.
It was the first time in a long time where the majority of Babe's sisters and brother were there
(minus the ATLien)
as well as our cousin Jodi's brothers and sisters.
I am so thankful for all of my family and love that getting married has just given me that many more people to love on and be thankful for!
This year has been a tough and trying one and each day is a blessing and it is best we remember and cherish that.
Here are just a few pics from the festivities

We also celebrated a few birthdays as one of the nieces just hit the big 1-6!!
She was super excited to say the least..
(Happy Birthday Kaelin!!! )
We had a pretty chill rest of the weekend gearing up to go back to work and school........
But we DID put up our tree and the limited decor we posess and got it looking festive around here!

stay tuned for more pics of that soon!!!

What were you Thankful for this year?


  1. Looks like you ALL had a good time...we did too so the holidays are looking GOOD for ya!!!


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