the end of an era

This Friday marks the end of an era.
Both literally and figuratively.
It's New Year's Eve week and I can feel the need and excitement for change in my bones!
The first 10 years of the 2000's have flown by at lightening speed.
I remember the whole Y2K scare like it was yesterday - all the computers would crash and the world would be in turmoil!
 all the stress and worry 
and here we are 10 years later with e-readers, iPads/iPhones and who-sits and whatsits galore. 
A LOT has happened in ten years.
Babe and I were talking about it last night.
I've been out of high school for almost 13 years (really????)
I've graduated from college. twice.
I met my future husband  in college at the ripe old age of 19 in the fall of 1998
We started dating in May of 2000 
We had Sweet Pea in the spring of 2002
We got engaged later that fall.
We subsequently broke up in  spring of 2003
We got back together in  the summer of 2007
We got re-engaged ( is that a word?) in spring of  2009
We were finally married in the summer of 2010 and now here we are plotting on baby #2 for  summer/fall 2011.
I would have never guessed all those years ago that we would end up here.
I wouldn't have guessed after 2003 we would've ended up here.......but obviously God's plan was greater than whatever nonsense I had going on.
And thank goodness for that!
I am so grateful for the friendship my husband I shared prior to our 'taking it to the next level'
It's made our relationship that much stronger and allowed us to move on from seemingly detrimental set-backs that would tarnish any other 'regular' relationship.
I love looking back and seeing how far I've come and what has transpired in my life but to be able to do that not only with the man I love and chose for my husband but also my best friend?
I love that we have so many memories together.
I love that my college experience includes him.
We weren't high school sweet hearts and we didn't have a fairy tale courtship/relationship.
But we have lived and loved and learned.
That is really all I can ask.
So as I look forward to passage of the next decade and what that will bring:
  •   baby # 2?
  • the launch of my own business
  •  Sweet Pea turning 10 in 2012!!!
  •  our 10 year wedding anniversary
  • Sweet Pea graduating from High School in 2020
I say a fond farewell to 2010 and  the last decade and look forward to the next 10 years.
I will savor the moments as they go by and relish each day and new experience for what it is.......
bring it on 2011!


  1. Love this excited for you and what is to come!


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