deck the halls

are you noticing that all my post titles are holiday themed lately?
it's not a coincidence.
I am fully engulfed in the holiday spirit and am kind of bummed there are only 5 more days until Christmas!
This past Thursday was our company wide Holiday Party.
Last year the party was held at the Crimson Room in Hollywood a swanky and hip lounge/bar and true to form this year it was located at the "Spare Room" in the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood.
In a word - it was AWESOME.
I know most people are not excited about their work functions and holiday parties are right up there with jury duty and root canals but MY company knows how to get down.
We are a fairly young(er) group ( I think the median age might be 38)
The whole space was super cute and swanktastic.
Dark wood everywhere, old fashioned brass bar, a bowling alley and plenty of board games for us to partake in as well as a DJ!
Oh and did I mention it was OPEN BAR and there were snacks??
Of course we immediately hit the bar and pretty much stayed there most of the evening, taking photos and "toasting" our co-workers!
We were even treated to a special celebrity sighting......Mr. Schue from Glee a.k.a. Matthew Morrison was at the bar!
Alas he was not willing to take any pics but we snuck a few in.......

happy holidays!


obligatory shoe shot

dazzling dress darlings
it's Will Schuester!!

party all night....

Does your company have an annual Holiday party? Your spouse/significant other's? 
Do you go? what kind of things do they do?



  1. Grrrrrrrrrrl you are ROCKIN that dress!!! I plead the fifth on making any public comment on my spouses company holiday party, cause I'm a LADY!!
    Merry Christmas my sweet!


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