creative inadequacy

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something?
To make something?
That's kinda where I am right now.
I am in a "DOING" kind of a mood.
I have a strong desire to make things and "nest" a bit.
No - I'm not pregnant.
I just am really focused on making my house cozy - er.
It may be the wicked cold weather we've been having
( can you say 49 degrees??? hello this is California not Nebraska - although I'm sure it's much colder there...)
I want to re-arrange the furniture, clean  and spruce things up around here.
I also have this strong desire to craft and create.
I want to make some sparkly, glittery, feathery-ed somethings and how!
It's weird to think how the mind can conceive of an idea but not have an physical image.
Well yesterday I  found one!
There is all kinds of crafting goodness out there - thank you out there in blog land for all your MILLIONS of ideas, tutorials and free printables - I LOVE those.
The fabulous ladies over at Eighteen25  have the most magical craft that is right up my alley and I can't wait to try it out myself!
photo courtesy Eighteen25
Doesn't it look so fun?
They even have a printable for the Christmas Subway style art!!
How YOU doin?
Now that I've found what I'm looking for on several levels I'm not even sure where to begin and I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by all the craftiness that is out there!!
Headbands, photo frames, glitter trees and ornament wreaths oh my!
I almost need to quit my day job to have the time to make all the things  my heart desires!
As I was perusing these blogs I began to get an 'uncomfortable' feeling.
That feeling of "mine won't look like that, I'm not that good. I don't know what I'm doing and who do I think I am to try this stuff"
These women are SO creative, I can't tell you how many blogs I just stumbled on that have a how-to on EVERYTHING.
Kinda makes me feel small and less of woman (mother/wife) because I'm not Martha Stewart and I don't have cute holiday decor from the last 10 years of my life for every.single.occasion. or because I'm not restoring a dresser, creating perfectly themed parties w/ matching tags for everything or hip to all the latest and greatest tools and toys.
(hello Silhouette anyone?????)
The thing is - it bothers me because part of me wants to be that.
To be that uber crafting mama who looks at a piece of chicken wire and comes up w/ a 100 different cute and kitschy uses.
I am being inspired by what I see and as an artist of sorts ( my canvas is YOUR face) it appeases me to have all this info just at my fingertips.
But, because I don't really have the time or the means to DO it all, it vexes me.
Then this afternoon I was reading a friends blog and it was right on point basically talking about being satisfied with where you are and how we have control over those emotions.
Made sense after I spent most of the evening quietly lamenting the fact that I don't own a Cricut or ModgePodge, or a million other things I'd like to.
But I'll make do with out.
I'm actually fine without them.
Even if it doesn't feel like it all the time.
Matter of fact I was conspiring with a girlfriend to go halfsies on a Cricut this evening!
So I think now that my creative juices are back flowing and I am in the swing of making I will continue to cruise blogland for all things cute, crafty and cheap BUT I will shed those feelings of creative inadequacy and instead of saying 'why can't/haven't I do/done that' I will say 'how can I make that MINE'.
Because that's what really matters.......making it mine and making those that I love feel amazing when they are presented with their customized whatever.......because it was made with love.

what are YOU making this Holiday season??


  1. I totally understand I suffer hugely from crafty inadequacy syndrome - I can totally envision stuff but have no clue how to make it and wore than you most of the time can't be bothered to figure it out - I've resigned my self to supporting the truly crafty and their children's college funds!! but you have the touch lady so go forth and CRAFT!!!


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