christmas catch up

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I took the time out to unplug and really focus on my family this holiday season and not worry about what to update my status to or which photos would be going on the blog so this is my first time back online since Thursday!  
                           That's an eternity right?                                  
  We had a wonderful Christmas.
It was a day filled with family, food, plenty of laughter and love.
Giving and receiving of love and material things, laughter ringing throughout the air and champagne bubbles flowing everywhere!!
My Sweet Pea was beside herself when she opened up her gift from her Papa - a brand new hot pink Nintendo DSi.
Plus a game and a Princess and the Frog case.
She also got 17 million dolls, a camera and some DVD's.
She's going to be busy all week long.
The joys of being kid are obviously waking up ridiculously early on Christmas morning unable to contain your excitement.
The downside of being a parent is having to wake up ridiculously early on a day off .......but the pure joy on my kids face was totally worth it.
I managed to get it together enough to whip up not only my "famous" mac'n'cheese AND a test out a new recipe for a Fudgy Peppermint Truffle Chocolate Cake.....I even made a hearty breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs, grits and turkey bacon!
And for once I was totally 'in' the moment as I don't have a single photo from the morning!!!
Surprisingly we made it out the door in record time and got to my mothers house just on time!
After stuffing ourselves silly we swung by my Dad's house and spent some time w/ my aunt and uncle who is visiting from Texas.
Once Sweet Pea opened her DSi - and subsequently lost her marbles - she pretty much tuned us out for the rest of the evening.
I was surprised she still wanted to watch a movie once we got home, but she ran upstairs, put on her new Christmas PJ's and slippers and got cozy on the couch to watch "This Christmas"
Sunday was spent in PJ's on the couch reading, watching football and movies until it was time for bed.
This Christmas was kinda low-key and we just really focused on Sweet Pea and giving to others.
I"m definitely looking forward to ringing in the New Year and for our annual pot of gumbo on New Year's Day........
And I can't wait to see what the new year has in store!

Is anyone making any resolutions???


  1. That's what Christmas is all about...good times and smiles!!!


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