Thankful on Paper - the Sisters-in-loves

I'm loving Thankful on Paper - it was great to see so many ladies link up with Rachel and read all the wonderous reasons we have to be thankful.
This week I'm a little behind.
I haven't sent my letters because I don't have any stamps.......annnnd there is no post office in close proximity to my job so they will be mailed out first thing Saturday.
And since I'm not sure they really read the blog it's okay for me to name them!
For week 2:
I am thankful for my in-laws.
I have an AWESOME extended family.
Specifically my sisters-in-love.

Romi - sadly I have no pic w/ her since she lives in the ATL


and cousin Jodi!
These ladies are so amazing for so many reasons (which I will detail in their letters) but to sum it up - I have a wonderfully different relationship with each of them.
And I love that.
They are all so different but the common thread is they are 100% honest, fiercely loyal and love my Babe.
That was our common ground.
I say 'in-love" because I am madly in love with Babe their brother and cousin and I love them like they are my sisters I was raised with.
I don't have sisters so I'm intrigued by the dynamic of them and these women
 took me in and accepted me in-spite of all my flaws and failures. 
They loved me when it was me & him, then when it was just ME and supported the re-joining of us 3.
And they love my kid.
So today, I thank you ladies- for all the laughs, the love and the memories.
I am so blessed to have you all in my life and love you all so much. 
Thank you for being more than just my family because you 'have to' - thank you for being my friends because you choose to you.
I love you all.

Cuz we are sistas......and sistas stick together!!!

(insert song "Sistah" from The Color Purple here)


  1. what a beautiful gift to have such "sisters"! Awesome! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I'm so glad you have such an amazing group of women in your life!! I have two sisters and I'm so incredibly blessed to have them in my life... so I know how you feel!!
    Happy Thursday!

  3. awww. what a great group of women. i hope to be so lucky one day as to find "in-loves".

  4. marrying INTO an awesome family of sisters... what lucky girls you are to have each other!

  5. What a wonderful blessing our "sisters"are.
    Wonderful to hear of your precious relationships with them.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wonderful day :-)


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