Sweet Sundays

Today I am EVER so thankful for that elusive 'extra hour' that is gained when we "Fall Back".
Mainly because yesterday was the longest day in history.
I started the morning by getting up at the crack of dawn - for me on a Saturday anyway (7:45 a.m)
and purchasing some HAWT shoes from our website  and that totally started my day off right.
Then I was off to run my million errands before Ladies Night 2010 began.
Of course I had a hundred and one things to do and obviously not enough time to get them all done so some things got scrapped (sorry BBQ Bacon Jalapeno Poppers)
By the time the ladies showed up I am happy to say that not only was I dressed I was also fully made up!
The ladies arrived slowly but surely and it was great to see women from all the different areas of my life come together and really enjoy themselves!

I was so busy playing 'hostess with the mostesses' that I didn't take very many pictures but I did get a few of the fabulousness that was the table and the 'fun' straws to make our margaritas that much more exciting!Thank you so much to all my lovely ladies who made the trek out to my casita for the evening!
It was truly a blessing to share such a fun and mischievous night with you all!!

While I was having my "ladies party" my hubby was off with the guys for a night of shooting pool and drinks at a local lounge, being a good sport about being kicked out of his home for the evening.
Sweet Pea on the other hand was living the high life having spent the day with my dad (her Papa).
Of course they started off the afternoon with a trip to McDonald's (yuck!) , followed by a quick trip to the grocery store, then they went home to watch movies.
Now my Dad is a movie hound. If he passes by it in Costco chances are he'll pick it up.
Especially if it's something he thinks she will like.
This is always a blessing when we go by his house as she has 'stuff to do' and is not bored.
So Friday - I was taking her to her BFF's house since her mom ( my BFF) was going down to Long Beach in the morning and it was easier for all if my dad just picked her up from there- I told Sweet Pea to pack a bag and to make sure she had 'things' for Saturday.
As we were pulling out of the drive I asked if she had packed any DVD's to take and she said:
"You know, Papa has a LOT of movies just for me so there's no reason to. And I didnt' want to take mine and get confused later on so I thought it best to leave them"
Yeah - my 8 year old said that.
Back to Saturday - they watched no less than 6 movies ranging from "The Ant Bully" to "Dreamgirls"
(random assortment much?)
Sunday they woke up and made pancakes, bacon and eggs and relaxed until it was time for him to bring her home.
And I will fully admit that I bribed my dad with the promise of Babe's chilli to bring her home.
Yeah- I'm not at all ashamed.
His chilli is THAT good.
So he did.
And we ate.
And now we're stuffed.

It was such a great weekend.
Not too super busy but just enough to really enjoy the moments and I can honestly say that Ladies Night was a HUGE success.
Thanks in part to the wonderful Maria Aventurado of Slumber Parties who made all the ladies feel at home.
And my wonderful hubby and Dad who made it that much easier to relax and enjoy myself!!

what did you do this weekend???


  1. Sounds so fun! Glad you had a great weekend! :)

  2. LOVE the chalk board -- SO cute! sounds like a great weekend! D and i were in vegas for his race, we had a really wonderful time!!!

    happy monday, friend!


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