yesterday was a pretty rockin day for a tuesday.
Why you ask?
Well - I had French Fries for lunch and they were perfectly crispy & salted.
I was super productive at work
And Babe found his ring!!!
While we were both bummed out about the "loss" it was really bothering him.
And lo and behold yesterday morning it turned up!
Turns out it had been.....let's say "hiding" in the toe of a pair of shoes he rarely wears.
He thinks it "may have been in his pants pocket, fallen out and into the shoes and rolled into the toe".
That's the story he's sticking to.

I'm just glad he found it!
Now we have to take it to the jewelers and see about getting the inside dipped in gold to help with the irritation or replacing it all-together......

On the dish:

Where it belongs

I got an email as well as an FB wall post from my wedding photographer
- you know- the FABULOUS Melissa Brandman?
Well she let me know that our wedding album is complete and on the way to us!!
Just in time for the Holidays!!
Can't wait to see how it all turned out!


  1. So glad the ring has been found! Once upon a time, I dropped my wedding ring down the sink. While I was out of town. Talk about traumatic! Happy ending though, my dad took the sink apart and fished it out!


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