crafty christmas???

so I've mentioned before how I'm not all super crafty?
In my mind I can create these neat little bows and headbands and trinkets no problem.
but in reality.....I'm kind of afraid!
I mean I just bought my own glue gun a few months ago for Pete's sake
I did manage to finagle my hair fascinator (remember that fun?) for the wedding and that inspired me to dig deeper.
So I was perusing the Michael's circular the other day and saw all the ribbon and things that are on sale and that got my wheels turning even more!
Even though we're not saving for a wedding this Christmas I still want to keep our gifts low-key and on a tight budget so we're able to do more fun things later on in the year.
So I think I'm going to attempt to make some hair goodness.
Headbands, fascinators, flower pins and bows. 

Something like these 
 and this

and possibly these 

I got a lot of ribbon, glue, some glitter and a TON of feathers.
I'm pretty sure I can make something happen........right?
And hopefully by doing that - I will save some $$$$ and have added a new 'trick' to my creative repertoire.
So what should I make first?


  1. what should you make first? well duh... a little something for MEeeeeee!!


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