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week 3 ....Thankful on Paper

This is week 3 ofThankful on Paper  (or T.O.P's to those 'in the know') and this week is one very special person. My husband.

I could go on for hours about this man. He has been so much a part of my life for so long that it's hard for me to remember what life was like without him.

Obviously I'm madly in love with him. But it's more than that. He is MORE than I could have imagined for my life. He is my best friend. My 'person' in time of need, joy, sadness and sorrow. The love of my life. An amazing father to our daughter. He is fantastic brother. A wonderful son. A great friend. MY Husband - forever and ever.  Even when the day by day ruler of life gets to be long.... forever mine, forever thine, forever ours..... ************************************** an example of our 'deep and profound' love Me: "G'night. Love you Babe" Him: " I love you too!............(long pause).......Like a wino loves whiskey!" Me: "Thaaaanks. Bwahahahahaha!&…

What I wore Wednesday........

Image's Wednesday and you all  know the routine right? I link up with Lindsey over at
and post what I've been wearing. And be a nosy posey and see what OTHER people are wearing too!
It's how I get ideas dontcha know?
Could be today, yesterday - heck it could be last week for all you know! and in this case it was! I so inspired by the images I kept seeing on Kendi Everyday and by the 30 for 30 challenge AND I really liked my outfit remix last week - I tried to "keep up the cute" for the rest of the week! And I think I might have even been somewhat successful!  I had a co-worker tell me that my outfits were cute and that it seemed like I was 'on a roll' and I couldn't help but thank her and agree! There might be some stylish hope for me yet!! So without further adieu - What I've worn
( insert drumroll here)

I've seen shorts and tights quite a bit and never had the gall to try it but this day I threw caution to the wind. 
 I was pleased with how i…

I gave in...

have been lamenting about the state of my closet and draws for a few weeks now.
I've been really wanting to clean  them out and re-organize but haven't really had the time or the energy to undertake such a magnificent task. (Yes I am that weird chick who actually enjoys re-organizing her things - go figure.) Because I have a mild case of OCD and since I LOVE an organized closet I wanted to really take my time with it and really make it make sense to ME and for how I get dressed. Yes - I color code my closet and draws and separate my shoes by styles/seasons. I have issues. I am aware. It's ok. Annnnnd .........then I bought some shoes. Well a couple pair to be exact...... and knew that I needed to make some room for them and just re-do how the boxes were all stacked anyway.  I don't have the closet space to have them "displayed" the way I would I work with what I got!!
This was the state in which my husband found me - surrounded by shoe boxe…

Something to Think About.....

*****I got this sent to me via e-mail yesterday from my sister-in-love Ganell and it was so on point and fell in line with a conversation that was had last week amongst some of my friends that I had to share with everyone.  Just some food for thought for all the ColoredGirls out there......******
When I first heard of the movie "For Colored Girls" I got so excited.   I had the idea of getting as many women together that I could think of to go see this movie.   I had visions of group discussions and moments shared with one another that would  lead to healing and growth, I guess I kind of imagined a Womens Empowerment Conference type of setting.

Well after I shared my idea with a few women, reality set in and I  realized that so many of us wouldn't be willing to participate for various reasons: You don't like me, you don't care for somebody I might invite, you only hang out with certain people, you don't understand the big deal about Tyler Perry making y…

crafty christmas???

so I've mentioned before how I'm not all super crafty? In my mind I can create these neat little bows and headbands and trinkets no problem. but in reality.....I'm kind of afraid! I mean I just bought my own glue gun a few months ago for Pete's sake I did manage to finagle my hair fascinator (remember that fun?) for the wedding and that inspired me to dig deeper. So I was perusing the Michael's circular the other day and saw all the ribbon and things that are on sale and that got my wheels turning even more! Even though we're not saving for a wedding this Christmas I still want to keep our gifts low-key and on a tight budget so we're able to do more fun things later on in the year. So I think I'm going to attempt to make some hair goodness. Headbands, fascinators, flower pins and bows. 
Something like these   and this
and possibly these 

I got a lot of ribbon, glue, some glitter and a TON of feathers. I'm pretty sure I can make something happen........right? …

READ ME!!!!!

Quick! Everyone run over to to check out my musings on Friendships & Relationships. We all have "couple friends" but are we actually friends with those people as individuals outside of their relationship? What happens when  we or they break up? Who keeps the friends?????
Yours, Mine & onTheSmartly

Thankful on Paper - the Sisters-in-loves

I'm loving Thankful on Paper - it was great to see so many ladies link up withRachel and read all the wonderous reasons we have to be thankful. This week I'm a little behind. I haven't sent my letters because I don't have any stamps.......annnnd there is no post office in close proximity to my job so they will be mailed out first thing Saturday. And since I'm not sure they really read the blog it's okay for me to name them! For week 2: I am thankful for my in-laws. I have an AWESOME extended family. Specifically my sisters-in-love. Ganell,

Romi - sadly I have no pic w/ her since she lives in the ATL


and cousin Jodi!
These ladies are so amazing for so many reasons (which I will detail in their letters) but to sum it up - I have a wonderfully different relationship with each of them. And I love that. They are all so different but the common thread is they are 100% honest, fiercely loyal and love my Babe. That was our common ground. I say 'in-love" beca…

thank you mr. UPS man!

It came!!!! When I arrived home this afternoon there was a lovely non-descript looking brown box on the porch. And then I opened it to find this!
Our wedding album!!!
And DVD of photos
It looks so pretty!!! The cover is a beautiful  shantung silk in an eggplant-y auberigine color...... and the inside is just divine. Talk about your high quality printing!! I tell ya that Melissa Brandman knows what she's doing!!


yesterday was a pretty rockin day for a tuesday. Why you ask? Well - I had French Fries for lunch and they were perfectly crispy & salted. I was super productive at work And Babe found his ring!!! Hallelujah!! While we were both bummed out about the "loss" it was really bothering him. And lo and behold yesterday morning it turned up! Turns out it had been.....let's say "hiding" in the toe of a pair of shoes he rarely wears. He thinks it "may have been in his pants pocket, fallen out and into the shoes and rolled into the toe".
That's the story he's sticking to.

I'm just glad he found it!
Now we have to take it to the jewelers and see about getting the inside dipped in gold to help with the irritation or replacing it all-together......

On the dish:

Where it belongs

I got an email as well as an FB wall post from my wedding photographer
- you know- the FABULOUS Melissa Brandman? Well she let me know that our wedding album is complete and on th…

What I wore Wednesday

This is my outfit from TUESDAY 11/9/10 - wasn't sure if I was going to like my actual  Wednesday gear..... forgive me

My wardrobe is pretty simple. I don't really have a ton of time or energy in the morning to really to do it up so I work with what I got. Since it was a blustery kind of day I threw on a few  "Fall" staples and headed off to work. Top: Mossimo for Target Tank: Mossimo for Target Jeans: Joe's Boots: Madden Girl - T.J. Maxx
and then remixed in the evening (I added a necklace....)
Necklace: H&M

As always I'm linking up with thePleated Poppy...... 
I've been following along with this super cool blog: Kendi Everyday I stumbled upon viaAndrea at Four Flights of Fancyand it's totally making re-think how I get dressed and how I shop. Kendi is hosting the 30x30 challenge  where you  take 30 items and remix only those items into 30, (hopefully) stylish outfits.
The rules:
1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

That's it! Well not entirely so..

3. Don't shop for 30 days. That last one is killer. I mean how many times have we all run to Forever 21, H&M or Target for a 'cute shirt to wear out' or a 'simple dress for tonight'?  I know I do it. And usually when I can't afford to. So I dig the rules of this challenge. I'm not quite ready to play along as I still need to go through my closet and purge quite a bit but I think that once I do I will happily take it on. Just looking at the items th…

Sweet Sundays

Today I am EVER so thankful for that elusive 'extra hour' that is gained when we "Fall Back". Mainly because yesterday was the longest day in history. I started the morning by getting up at the crack of dawn - for me on a Saturday anyway (7:45 a.m) and purchasing some HAWT shoes from our website and that totally started my day off right. Then I was off to run my million errands before Ladies Night 2010 began. Of course I had a hundred and one things to do and obviously not enough time to get them all done so some things got scrapped (sorry BBQ Bacon Jalapeno Poppers) By the time the ladies showed up I am happy to say that not only was I dressed I was also fully made up! The ladies arrived slowly but surely and it was great to see women from all the different areas of my life come together and really enjoy themselves!

I was so busy playing 'hostess with the mostesses' that I didn't take very many pictures but I did get a few of the fabulousness that was the table …

Thankful Thursdays.....

I mentioned last week that my friend Rachel is hosting Thankful On Paper (or T.O.P) this Holiday season and I am for sure participating! Because I am somewhat of a rule I would like to thank the following 3 ladies because  (sounds like I'm giving my Oscar speech) All of these women have had some kind of impact on my life within the last year or so. Possibly without realizing it and without intending to. That's what makes them all the more magical.
Without further is the short version of my thanks.........
Rachel - aka "Mrs.No.17cherrytreelane" - Thank You for being you. 
A strong Christian woman who is committed to her family, her faith and her friends. You have inspired me to begin and keep up with this 'blog thing' and challenge me to better in so many ways. Through both our blogging and 'real life' friendship I have been inspired, encouraged and convicted by your words. Thank you for always being true to yourself and your be…

what I wore wednesday

For this week's installment of What I wore Wednesday..... I bring you
Tired Mama

Chambray esque cotton button down: Nordstrom Rack Capris: Styles for less? ( over 10 years ago) Shoes: Nina
I was EXHAUSTED this morning and as you can see the weather in Cali is back to it's old tricks going from 65 one week to 96 a few days later. Killer. So what's a girl to do but layer, layer, layer. I knew the weather was going to be nice outside but inside the office was going to be the frozen tundra. So I kept it simple with a 3/4 length button down (that I'm kind of obsessed with)  that I scored from the Rack a few months ago and some trusty capri's that are older than my daughter. For reals. I bought those pants in 1999. Kind of excited they still fit and kind of concerned that I've held on to them for so long! They were not expensive at all! Topped it off with my favorite black flats ( I think the pointy toes give it a little more polish don't you?) And a black leather jacket and I …