wrappin it up........with pictures!

Happy Monday y'all!
What crazy weather we are having here!
It has been 900 + degrees for the last week and then today we wake up to grey skies and drizzle.
Hello Autumn, nice to finally see you!
Of course I was dressed appropriately in a tank, cardigan and gladiator sandals.
This weekend was pretty rad though.
Friday couldn't end fast enough as I needed to get home and bake somebody happy.
My dear friend LaShaunda had a birthday on Friday and we were going out to celebrate her born day.
Earlier in the week her husband had asked if I would make cupcakes for her for the party.
Of course I said yes (she's amazing y'all!) not taking into consideration that I would be baking./ frosting and getting ready..........yeah. 
Multi-tasking Gemini at her finest......
I was kinda pooped so I took a little disco nap first then I whipped up some chocolatey goodness for my girl and get myself together to go out.
Drop off the kid & scoop up my brother-in-law all in one stop and head to the club to get our partay on!
Now I have to preface this by saying - my girl broke her ankle a few weeks back but she was determined to have a good time on her birthday and cut a rug!

working the boot

And boy did she!!
Thank goodness a sister was getting her hair done the next day cuz I sweated mine OUT!

getting our boogie on
 We boogied until well past 2am, then went back to our friends house for some early morning delicacies
(read: eggs, turkey bacon & rice <there were no grits>)
and reminisced about days/ times long gone as the dawn begin to take shape.
At about 4:45am we finally said goodbye and headed home.
Why do I continue to do that to myself?
I was draggin the next day and me & Sweet Pea had to be in Long Beach for 10am!!
But LaShaunda &Kevin have known Damon (my husband) for over 20 years.
Kevin & Damon met in elementary school I believe and at one point Babe even lived w/ Kevin's family!
They are beyond friends, more like brothers.
Hence Kevin calling me "Sis" all day long.
They have always been champions of our relationship and I love them both like they are my brother and sister.
LaShaunda and I pretty much hit it off from the moment we met, we are both quite similar yet complete and total opposite.
She is a GREAT friend, wonderful mother and wife and all around kick ass chick.
I feel so blessed to have her in my life and call her my friend!

It was a magical evening spent with fabulous friends who are more like family.

the fellas & the bday girl

ryan, lashaunda, me & my babe

the alexanders

me & my girl
The rest of the weekend was pretty chill and we mostly 'recovered' from our night out on Friday.......

What fun things were you up to this weekend?


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