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Did I mention that I'm now writing for the lovely  writers website
Well last week they published my first piece here  and a  few days ago they  posted this other piece about my sartorial tastes.....or lack thereof and my opinion on those of women in general.
That got my wheels turning. Because I work for a fashion company ( shameless plug.....HAUTELOOK) my workplace is not like most. 
The 'dress code' ( I'm not actually sure that there IS one) is forward if you will. Meaning you will find throughout out my office, looks ranging from the latest , hippest fashions (think studs, military inspired wear) to a sort of quirky t-shirt and jeans type (thanks IT guys for always humoring me with those tees!)

But we have so few rules it begs to question what is "work appropriate" anymore?
It seems most companies have adopted the ever popular "business casual" dress code and then SUPER 'casual Fridays' so the line has become blurred in recent years.
My previous place of employment was at a Fortune 500 company and in a very corporate environment which denoted we should be dressed to impress. BUT - the type of work we did (freight forwarding) gave us quite the wiggle room as there were days we had to 'get dirty' - go in the warehouse & look for things etc......and days we had to get 'dressed'- when the big wigs came to town but for the most part, everyone kept it pretty simple. Very well put together. Nothing to flashy or incredibly fashion forward.
In a word- it was boring & predictable.
 NOW - my workplace looks like NY Fashion Week with the latest and greatest in all the trends gracing the halls & elevators. it's a pretty good place to be if you're an aspiring fashionista or already claim to be one.
We wear everything from flip-flops & shorts to studded boots/booties, sky high heels and the hottest denim in town. And I love it. I don't think I could ever go back to a 'corporate' environment.

But it makes me wonder:  these days, when most companies are letting up on the rigidity of the ubiquitous "dress code" are we too comfortable at work?
Women used to be required to wear pantyhose and high heels 
(Nowadays if I see a woman with hose on ; I giggle knowing what kind of struggle she is having keeping them up all day). 

But when jeans and a tee are the norm how do you 'dress for success' ????
there is a quote from 'someone' that says "Dress for the job you want not the job you have". But what happens when the guy who has the job you want shows up in jeans and t-shirt everyday? And his boss does it too. Do you do the same or dress slightly better????
And while I'm on my little soap box - ladies let's talk candidly ; if you would wear it out Saturday late  night - PLEASE do not wear it to work Monday morning.
Yes there are a few pieces that have been known to make the transition but if it made you feel kind of like a streetwalker over the weekend then your co-workers are probably talking about you on Monday.
I'm just sayin.

 As the fashion landscape continues to change and what we wear is more and more an expression of who we are...........I can only hope that companies learn to embrace their employees individuality and let them express themselves.
Unless of course they are wearing a shirt that says " FML" then by all means.......revert back to the original dress code.


  1. I like! I've definitely pondered HauteLook's lack of dress code.


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