tuesday treats

Because I feel like lists
Here are some things I'm digging NOW

* Changes in the weather. while my hair is not a fan of the moisture in the air, my boot collection is happy to come out of the darkness
* Ladies Night In - I try to host one at least once a year with all my favorite ladies from all the different parts of my life and IT. IS. TIME.
*  Movie Night - to go see THIS. 
Loved the play, can't wait to see how it comes to life and to spend some QT with my mother, mother-in-love and the rest of the women in my family
* Rainy days. not so much driving in them. or really having to be outside in general. but I like the warmth they evoke. and the need to bundle up & cuddle up 
* Fires in the fireplace. We are currently out of firewood but I plan on remedying that issue this evening.
* Good excuses for hot tea, cocoa and other drinks that inspire thoughts of cozying on the couch with a good book.
* Speaking of good books - how about good friends who lend you books?? My girlfriend lent me a few a couple days back and I'm now working on "The Five Love Languages" - I'm sure it will revolutionize my marriage and how I communicate with my husband.
I'm excited.
* Easy dressing. today I paired my favorite leggings with a wife beater, my new favorite boots, and one of my husbands sweaters.
and my motorcycle jacket. 
cuz, I'm cool like that.
( I kid)
I dig wearing his sweaters (even though he's not a fan of them coming back smelling like Flower Bomb)
And I especially like the way they look w/ skinny jeans or leggings tucked into boots.

What are you digging these days?


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