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so remember how I raved about my wonderful trip to the almighty Crate & Barrel ?
yeah well I finally took the pics off my camera so I could show you what I got!
 here are a few pics of some items we picked up.

 A few new towels for the kitchen

place mats and napkins for the dining table
I'm so glad we finally have a cohesive 'flow' to the color scheme in our kitchen.
And the dining table finally looks like people actually eat there and not just use it for crafts.
We also got a table runner in the same shade of green but I have since decided not to put it on the actual table but instead drape it over the sideboard and give that some pizazz.
(of course I have no picture of that - sad face)

Next on my list is to add some color to my window seat area by wrapping the cushion in some kind of fun & funky fabric and getting some pillow covers to accent the space.
I want my home to reflect our casual comfort chic vibe that we have going and realize it's going to be a process to find all the pieces I want that speak to me.........but I'm actually really looking forward to it!!!!!

And because I couldn't resist - here are few pics of my Grill Master doing his thing
the man, the myth, the legend

YUM - sliders & grilled corn


  1. feathering the nest is one of life's greatest pleasures - love your color picks!


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