lost .....

My husband lost his wedding ring.
In the house.
He emailed me on Wednesday of last week asking if I had his ring cuz he couldn't find it.
I , of course, was confused as to why I might have his ring, but told him no - had to be in the house.
He swears he put it on the dresser 
(but not in it's proper home as seen below)
And he was subsequently late for work looking for it.
I go home and proceed to empty my top drawer in hopes that perhaps it fell inside.
Much to my dismay - the ring wasn't there.
Nor has it turned up ANWYWHERE.
Babe , was off on Friday in honor of his birthday and looked through the entire bedroom to no avail.
Needless to say he's very distraught.
Now you may be asking yourself : "Well why did he have it off in the first place?"
Good question.
My Babe has extremely sensitive skin. 
He has nickel dermatitis which means he can't wear anything with silver or nickel in it as it causes his skin to break out.
His ring however is made from Tungsten and we thought that would be okay for him to wear.
Sadly - no.
So he only wears it during the day and takes it off at night.
We had delusions of taking it to the jewelers and seeing if they can dip the inside in 24K gold which we know won't irritate his skin, but obviously never got around to it.
And now it's just missing.
I feel terrible cuz he is so upset  about it and I know he doesn't like being without it.
I feel naked without mine.
I'm sure it will turn up at some point - I lost the back to one of my earrings not a day later and can't find it at all!

Say a prayer will you?


  1. =( John lost his in Lake Havasu last August...as in 14 months ago...and we still haven't replaced it. I really need to get on that. ;) Praying you find it!

  2. Terry lost his 2 weeks after our wedding. we had to have a new one made...Good thing the jeweler still had the custom mold:) Hopefully you will find it.

  3. daniel lost his at home too, swore up down and sideways that he left it on the dresser. I tore that house apart looking for his ring to no avail. Over a month later i found it while i was changing the sheets in one of the dips of the mattress, must have knocked it off while taking the sheets off? Bizarre, but goes to show you never know when or where things might show up! Praying the ring is found!


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