celebrating my sister-in-love

 A few weeks ago we had the joy of celebrating Babe's oldest sister and one of my dearest friends, Ganell.
I love this woman so much y'all.
She has been a great friend & sister to me for over a decade.
Yes. A full blown decade.
We were giggling about it the other day.
She met me when Babe & I first started dating ; a few months shy of me turning 21.
Now here we are 10 years later, married and celebrating her life!

Ganell is one of those people who is absolutely hilarious w/ out even trying.
We don't always agree on everything or see eye to eye but that does not stop us from kicking it hard on the regular
We are such opposites but one of the things we do have in common : our love of makeup.
One of my favorite memories of Ganell and I is sitting on the floor in the livign room of her old house, Sweet Pea crawling around us and we are surrounded by all of our makeup, taking turns 'doing each other's faces'.
When the men came home we each had one eye a totally different color than the other............it was great.
To celebrate her special day - we hit up Siren Studios in Hollyweird for a night of dancing, drinking and cupcakes!!
We topped off the evening w/ breakfast at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles before heading back to the Inland Empire and our Sweet Pea.
Here are some pics
me & my sister-in-love

ganell & her BFF

cousin jodi & me

cousin Lynn & me

big sister/ little brother

me & my love

the aftermath

nice shoes!

the ladies
ending the night right!
WE love you Ganell and hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!!


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