wrapping it up

my body hates me.
because for some reason I seem to think that I can stay out until the wee morning hours and still be able to function the remainder of the weekend.
why do I lie to myself?
We had a lovely weekend full of running errands, spending time w/ family & friends and of course.....yummy food.
Saturday I was up and at 'em fairly early (for us). Got up and went for a walk to clear my head and get my day started off right.
I followed that up w/ some errand running where I SCORED big time at The Nordstrom Rack - I went in there to possibly find a cute black dress to wear out that evening and some kind of black sandals.
Now I had a limit of $50 being as that was how much I had on the gift card I "discovered" in my wallet.
So I went in fully expecting to find nothing or something that was terribly over budget.
But I got lucky.
boy - did I get lucky!!
I found this adorable black dress (some kind of rayon/poly blend - so light and airy!!) AND some all black gladiator style sandals.
Of course I was skeptical about both items as I headed to the register and the long line almost thwarted my ambitions.
Alas - I stuck it out and was super happy w/ both of my purchases.
So much so that I am wearing them to work on Monday. (when I come home I'll take a pic of the full outfit)
Then - I went back by the house to scoop up Babe and the Sweet Pea to hit up another of our FAVORITE places......the almighty crate&barrel. I love that store.
We had a gift card thanks to all the wonderful gifts we were so excited to receive but dismayed to discover we had no space for, everything. (sorry y'all!)
 Not to worry! Those gifts were just 're-purposed' into a gift card that allowed us to purchase something that better serves our needs!
It was lovely. I am digging this whole - shopping without a budget thing......I could get used to it.( wink, wink)
 I picked up a few items to make my dining room table seem more like a dining table and not just "a place to eat"  ( more pics of that tomorrow) and that made me ever so happy.

Later that evening my mother came over to keep an eye on Sweet Pea while me & Babe went out to celebrate his sister's birthday.
We ended up staying out WAY to late (or early) and came home as the sun was coming up.
Needless to say - yesterday was spent in full blown recovery mode.
Except I was baby sitting and he was NOT trying to take a nap. But he was super cute and all kinds of lovable so it was worth it.
Babe threw down on the grill ( just burgers &hot dogs) so I was lucky enough to not have to do any 'major' cooking (read :  I made some salad + baked beans) , we watched a little Sunday night football and called it a day!

I do love a lovely weekend! What did you all do?


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