what do YOU blog about?

That's pretty much a standard question once people find out I write a blog.
I get that followed by the 'eyes'.
You know. That incredulous look people get when you tell them something that is beyond their realm of comprehension?
Yeah. I get that a lot.
Especially when I wasn't working and couldn't possibly have anything exciting to talk about considering most of my days were spent at home........
And it's probably my most favorite question to answer simply because its' such an easy answer.
Everything and nothing.
This is in by no means a 'mommy blog' or a 'wedding/crafting/d.i.y./ how -to  type blog  but it is.
It's all those things.
Because I am all those things.
A wife. a mother.
A makeup artist, writer, aspiring crafter and creative individual all around and a million other things.
Why should I pigeon hole myself & my blog (writing) into being just ONE thing?
What I write is from the heart and is truly what I feel.
Maybe the topics are current and happening now, or it happened 2 months or even 2 years ago.
No matter what it is HONEST and it is me.
Plain and simple.
What I am going through an and how I feel about it.
Now I admit there are topics I shy away from simply because I wonder if that's 'too much information', I don't want to be judged or I'm just not ready to share my thoughts w/ the world.
But I am working on that.
I don't want this blog to be hindered by my curiosity of 'what will people say/think if I post/say that' ?
I am still working on the intent of this space. 
I realize the purpose is for me is to get all the craziness out and onto a space where it makes sense (sort of.)
But the ultimate purpose of the blog, it seems, is to raise my voice and utilize this platform I have to make others aware of some important topics (and some not so important ones) and share some funny stories but most of all ; a way for me to clear out the plethora of thoughts that accumulate in my head through out the day.......
It is a creative outlet for me to showcase/share all my 112 great ideas that occur daily and to get feedback from some unexpected sources.
It's also allowed me another sense of community - those who blog get it.
They understand why I have to snap that picture of my kid hanging upside down w/ Popsicle dripping down her face or why I'm feverishly typing away on my blackberry in the midst of a deep conversation -
It's a moment that needs to be captured and documented , and I must, so deal with it!

Now I may not be an uber cool micro blogger w/ 500 million followers or a super amazing product reviewer making a ton in advertising but blogging feeds my soul and offers me an outlet and platform I wouldn't otherwise be privy to.

I am obsessed with it and don't see an end in sight........and I"m okay with that

Why do YOU blog? Why do you read them? Do you comment on all blogs or just those of folks you "know"?


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