welcome back fall.......i might even be used to you now

I'm not normally a fan of fall.
simply because I associate the season w/ the end of my summer warmth and the beginning of dressing in layers and gaining my 'winter weight'. (sigh)
However, in the last few years I've begun to appreciate fall a bit more.
With fall comes the return of school, no more staying up until all hours of the night and whining about being 'bored'.
also cooler weather and lots of fun layered looks to play with
I know that it's "officially" fall when I come home after work to find my man on the couch, laptop set up in a corner, TV blaring Sunday/Monday/Thursday night football and a beer.
Fall also means a return to Yoga Tuesday!!! Hooray!
We usually take a hiatus for the summer as the kid's schedules are too crazy for us to be sane enough to do Yoga once a week.........
It also means baked goods galore!
Now that we have the fancy schmancy Kitchen Aid I fully plan on putting it to good use and getting us FAT!!!
Making loads of yummy cupcakes like these Chai Latte Cupcakes
And homemade breads and possibly even try my hand at soup! (gasp!)
It also means cozy nights in front of a crackling fire, new color inspiration for home decor as well as a new fall hair color!!!
This fall is no different than most except I am actually starting to get excited about it!!!! 
Maybe it has something to do w/ the new boots or the super cute & trendy motorcycle jacket I just got from our Target excursion the other day...........
(mine are a nice medium brown color!)
(hello trendy rebel on a budget!)

We'll be celebrating my dear friend's son's 1st birthday, my Love's 34th birthday,  Sweet Pea's 1st semester of  3rd grade and making lots more memories as an "official" family, decorating the house, cooking and gearing up for the holidays.........

Hmmm maybe this fall thing isn't so bad?

what are YOU looking forward to this fall?


  1. I love fall. Mainly because of the accepted "winter weight" gain from heavier clothes. And I'm especially loving both your new boots and your jacket. I'm not entirely sure I'm bada** enough to pull that look off but I have a feeling that you are! :)


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