scattered, smothered and potatoes

apologies in advance if none of this makes sense.
My thoughts are scattered these past few days and its taking all my energy to reel them in.
My horoscope today even confirmed what I was already feeling
Friday, Sep 3rd, 2010 -- You can become more scattered today and feel as if you cannot get anything done. Meanwhile, everything changes when a close friend engages you in an intense conversation. But even if you don't want to admit your lack of focus, it will be more helpful if you do. Once you begin talking about your frustrations, you will realize what you must do next. Don't delay getting started, for your concentration may not last too long. 
Nice to have something you feel actually confirmed.
But its true. 
I am very scattered and not in a "frazzled out of my mind kind of way" more like a " I have so many things I want to accomplish -where do I start first" type of thing.
I feel as though there is so much in me (my head at least) that I need to GET OUT but am struggling to find my voice.
There are a few things that I have in the works and am trying to plan for both financially and schedule wise and it's been hard for me to get it to all work out.
But I am hopeful as always.

We have a long weekend ahead (whoop whoop!) and I am SO looking forward to just being still with my family and getting  bit more organized around the house
I plan on tackling the linen cabinets, my drawers and closet and getting rid of a LOT of unused clothes, shoes and towels.
I feel the need to CLEANSE.
relax and just breathe.
take some time re-connect w/ my kiddo, my husband and my parents as well as my house!
sometimes I feel my house is the red-headed step child in my life.
I do so much IN it - but don't always 'have the time' to take care of it!!
So I'm gonna give it a little TLC while I'm motivated and have the time.
On a side note:
I'm looking forward to what this fall/holiday season has to bring.
Now that we are officially in September and the first day of fall is only a few short weeks away, my mind is moving into all the fall activities and I have a ton of ideas for decorations, treats and parties!
Hopefully things will go well and I am able to pull off these fanciful flights!!

what a delight that will be!

happy long weekend everyone!


  1. Your title made me want some Waffle House hashbrowns! haha. I get that scattered feeling sometimes too. Hope you get to feeling a little less scattered!


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