Gemini..... a sign of the times

often times when I let it slip in conversation or happen to mention my astrological sign to people I immediately get judged.
It goes a little something like this:
Them: "when's your birthday"
Me: June 9th
them: " you're a Gemini (looks w/ disapproving eyes and raises eyebrows)  so then you have like split personalities and are too faced".
ummm......Rude much
1) do NOT assume every Gemini you meet is exactly like any other.
Yes we have similar characteristics and personality traits but we are NOT the same.
Don't believe me? find two Gemini's who are born on the same day and it will be like night & day.
Yes there are character traits that are stereotypical of a Gemini but for the most part we are as mutable as the air that moves us.
(we'll go into the difference between males and females some other day)
hence the reference to being flighty. We tend to not stand still  or focus on one thing for very long.
Now if you're not "into" astrology or simply do not care to know/understand the signs you may be a bit confused so let me back up and clarify a few things.
Gemini's are the third sign in the Zodiac and those born from May 21 - June 20 fall under the sign of the mischievous twins brothers Castor & Pollux, of Greek mythology.
Being a Gemini is both fun and a challenge!
 It is a task to manage the many emotions that sweep through us on a daily (read hourly) basis!
We are witty, passionate, loving, funny, excitable, generally happy, easily distracted, able to multi-task, chatty, youthful and incredible versatile.......on a good day.
On a bad day we are nervous, tense, inconsistent, cunning and superficial. (nice huh)
Obviously not every Gemini is the same nor should they be treated as such.
The same way all blondes aren't dumb and brunettes aren't always super smart.
You gotta take each person as they come!
I have been lucky enough to have amassed a FABULOUS group of Gemini friends and I can usually tell when there is one in the crowd as I generally seek them out.
Consciously or not - we are attracted to each other like bees to honey!
One of my Yoga Boo's is a Gemini (God bless our Yogini), two co-workers whom I happen to be close with, a slew of ex boyfriends and other friends around the globe.
One consistent thing about a Gemini - we are social creatures!
Even when we are sullen and not wanting to be bothered - we still want to chat and DO something!

As I type this I am literally doing at least 6 other things:
  • Facebooking
  • Reading other blogs
  • Looking at an Evite
  • Mentally adding up how much $ and food I need for ladies night
  • trying to plan an outfit for tomorrow
  • doodling
  • perusing other websites

It's taken me almost 45min to get this far. Seriously. So that's a down side.
And people thinking I'm too faced.
Yes we do change our minds easily and we are very.......ummm how do you say - lax when it comes to what's right and wrong
( they used amoral in some descriptions but I think that's just a bit harsh)
There's a lot of 'gray areas' for us.
In the course of writing this one of the other websites I was perusing was about Gemini's (duh) so here's the simplest of breakdowns

Novelty and the unusual
Variety in life
Multiple projects all going at once
Feeling tied down
Learning, such as school
Being in a rut
Mental inaction
Being alone

If you happen to be lucky enough to have met a Gemini or think you might - get to know them!
You will love them!
They will talk your ear off and have you peeing your pants from laughing so hard.
I guarantee!
Until you don't...........but that's a whole other post.


  1. i have no quarrel with gemini girls - I can eat them up with a spoon! but the boyz?!? ah just NO! they break my heart EVERY time!


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