FALLing into a routine

It seems that we have a regular schedule that is as familiar as slipping into a favorite worn pair of jeans. We welcome the new season in pretty much the same fashion every yerar. Somewhere towards the end of August and summer as the back to school signs begin to show up everywhere and the first fall gear hits the shelves, I get the urge to 'spruce' up the home front and make it more "homey & cozy". There are birthdays from the end of August to mid September for my sister-in-love, my niece, my god sister and another of my good friends. Football games ( in person and on TV) , the L.A. County fair and of course.....lots of yummy food!!
We do these things every year without fail. 
And I have realized that I look forward to them! 
They mark the passing of one season to the next and are indicative of how our family likes to spend our time.
This weekend was no exception.
It was ridiculously and unbearably HOTTTTTT all weekend long and the only form of cooling off was to sit still in an air conditioned space or jump in a pool.
We had plans to head out to Babe's Dad's house for a an impromptu get together with my sister and cousin -in-love's and some other friends for some Killer Shrimp and boiled crab!!

(terribly blurry -sorry)
I'm not really a crab person ( I know- terrible) I've tried it. It's pretty good. but it's not my FAVORITE thing in the world and I don't really know how to eat it to be honest. I don't want to waste any of it by destroying it - so I just 'share' with Babe. (read - steal a small bite when/ if he allows)
But I LOVE shrimp and Killer Shrimp is one of my favorite dishes!! It's a creole dish comprised of shrimp and a delicious broth that you eat with french baguette slices (to sop up the remaining broth of course) so I was one happy camper.
The kids got in the pool briefly while we sipped on our ice cold beverages to try and beat the heat..........ended up watching a movie (Why Did I get Married Too?)
 <yeah I know we are late on that one.....
and were able to cruise home in record time!
Sunday we vegged out and I do mean VEGGED. Sweet Pea stayed in her jammies all day and Babe had a permanent spot on the couch for the NFL takeover that happens each weekend.
While I was out running errands I stumbled upon a fabulous discount book store that recently popped up in my area. [and by "popped up" I mean it wasn't there on Wednesday but open for business on Sunday........] where I SCORED on two hardback books for only $7!!!
Yes. Hardcover. $7.
How do you love that?!!
Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch with the A/C on blast reading to my hearts content.
Popped some chicken in the crock pot for a nice and easy dinner and it was smooth sailing until I drifted off to sleep.
This week is supposed to be a scorcher so I plan on taking it EASY and just being still. Got a lot going on in my head still and while I try to sort all of that out I just need to chill out.

so what did you all do this weekend?


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