can't believe it!

It has been two months to the date since I became a "Mrs. So and So" and I still feel like it happened yesterday.
Is that really possible?
Has it only been two months?
Haven't we been married for like- forever?
I must say I am loving being a newlywed. this whole wedding process has been such an eye opening experience and taught me so much about myself, my relationship w/ Babe and who WE are as a couple.
We have been a part of each others lives for so long that most folks (Babe included) didn't really think much would change once we got hitched.
And they were right. But they were dead wrong too.;
Everything and nothing has changed. We are now 100% legally committed to both each other and raising Sweet Pea as a family. We both make more of an effort to continue to put our family first and it seems as though our bond has only grown stronger.
I wasn't at all sure it was possible but I think I may love him even more NOW!
He showed me so much of himself while I was planning this wedding and crying /tearing my hear out of seemingly trivial items.;
He has been my rock and amazes me with his strength daily.;
God gave me this incredible man to be the head of our household and to show me what real love is about.
Our 'married life' isn't that much different than it was before except it seems that we check in with each other a bit more and really take the time to discuss things in greater detail.
Our wedding was the second happiest day of my life and I wish we could repeat it over and over.
( the first obviously being the birth of Sweet Pea)

My dear FOCUS :
I love you so much my husband!
You truly have no idea how deep this goes.
Thank you for loving me the way you do.
For allowing me my moments of quiet introspection and entertaining my ridiculous flights of fancy and accepting my faults while encouraging my growth.

Thank your for tempering your love with a little bit of crazy to make me feel that much more normal. (smile)
You are my BEST friend and I can't imagine a life without you in it.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!!
All my love,

Your Wife


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