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There was a fatality on the tracks of the train I normally ride early Monday morning resulting in me having to take a different line into work.
This threw me off as the arrival & departure schedules are different.
I rushed out of work to try and make my 4:40pm train, double checked the sign to make sure I was headed to the right track and ran up the stairs.
I made it with 5 min. to spare but noticed the doors to the train were still closed.
I noted it as being odd and kept walking toward my usual car.
I glanced at the clock and noticed we were down to 3 min and the doors still weren't open - I glanced up to check the sign and make sure there was no delay and happened to notice I was on standing on the side for Track 8B.
I'm supposed to be on 7B. 
I rushed over to the opposite side and plopped down just as the doors were closing! whew!

Tuesday ; my co-worker and I are generally the first people to arrive to work on our floor. 
Our office is one that requires a key card to get into the elevator during certain hours and early mornings are no exception. 
I arrived in the morning, swiped my card and rode up to the 3rd floor. 
Recently half of our office moved down to the 2nd floor and they have much more fun and fancy stuff in there lounge (read a VENDING machine vs. our toaster oven) so Ash and I decide to head down there and check out what they got.
We hop on the elevator and push 2. 
After what seems like an unusally long ride to the 2nd floor the doors open and we discover.........we're on the ground floor. Since neither of us used our key card - we never made it to the second floor.
To top it off - we now are stranded as both of our phones + key cards were upstairs.
And did I mention security was no where to be found?
Yeah. It was awesome.
So we stood in the lobby for about 10 minutes until another early bird colleague came in and was able to let us up.
We promptly grabbed our keys and went back to the vending machine ( hey a girls gotta eat right?)
Cuz we're awesome like that.
Last night I got ready for bed, brushed my teeth & washed my face like normal, said my prayers and ran back downstairs to take out some ground turkey to de-frost for tonight's dinner......and promptly hopped into the bed and fell asleep.
Somewhere around 1am I woke up to go potty and was rubbing my eyes something fierce as they were incredibly dry and irritating me.
Woke up this morning ready to start my day by putting in my contacts but they are nowhere to be found. 
Apparently I forgot to take them out last night.
A quick check in the mirror tells me they are not in my eyes either. 
I scour the floor and find one on the tile of the bathroom floor and one on the carpet from where I had rubbed my eyes so hard they dropped out and fell on the carpet!
Fortunately they were still in tact and I was able to salvage them (after a thorough cleaning).
Then as I was leaving the house I made a quick trip to the restroom - only to discover there was no more toilet paper!!

yep - I am SUPER awesome.
Like to infinity and beyond.


  1. grrrrlll you have a BAD case of newlywed brain! but it makes for some sweet blogging doesn't it!!


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