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film school

Last night the husband and I watched a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo
The movie is inspired by the real life relationship between young paparazzo Austin Visschedyk and Adrian Grenier from Entourage.  Adrian met Austin by chance while out one evening and Grenier , intrigued by the young teens career choice, decided to flip the script on the paparazzi for once and follow them, find out what they were all about while documenting this peculiar teens lifestyle. In the process of doing so, the glare of celebrity becomes reflected on this young boy and he is now 'famous' garnering attention for being such a young paparazzo and he begins to get a taste of fame.
And he likes it.
Seeing this, Grenier has to now find a way turn this little 'project' around and reign in the monster that Austin is beginning to become.  I found the movie to be pretty poignant.
It's not life altering but I think in this day and age and in the type of culture we live in - it was pretty on targe…

FALLing into a routine

It seems that we have a regular schedule that is as familiar as slipping into a favorite worn pair of jeans. We welcome the new season in pretty much the same fashion every yerar. Somewhere towards the end of August and summer as the back to school signs begin to show up everywhere and the first fall gear hits the shelves, I get the urge to 'spruce' up the home front and make it more "homey & cozy". There are birthdays from the end of August to mid September for my sister-in-love, my niece, my god sister and another of my good friends. Football games ( in person and on TV) , the L.A. County fair and of course.....lots of yummy food!! We do these things every year without fail.  And I have realized that I look forward to them!  They mark the passing of one season to the next and are indicative of how our family likes to spend our time. This weekend was no exception. It was ridiculously and unbearably HOTTTTTT all weekend long and the only form of cooling off was to sit…

can't believe it!

It has been two months to the date since I became a "Mrs. So and So" and I still feel like it happened yesterday. Wow. Is that really possible?
Has it only been two months?
Haven't we been married for like- forever? I must say I am loving being a newlywed. this whole wedding process has been such an eye opening experience and taught me so much about myself, my relationship w/ Babe and who WE are as a couple. We have been a part of each others lives for so long that most folks (Babe included) didn't really think much would change once we got hitched. And they were right. But they were dead wrong too.; Everything and nothing has changed. We are now 100% legally committed to both each other and raising Sweet Pea as a family. We both make more of an effort to continue to put our family first and it seems as though our bond has only grown stronger. I wasn't at all sure it was possible but I think I may love him even more NOW! He showed me so much of himself whil…

Brilliant or Nuts?

This is either incredibly brilliant or horribly mean. You be the judge.

From thePetit Tresor website
"The simplicity and timelessness of a tie. The Tie Chair™ is all fabric, with no hard plastic or metal buckles. Safely secure your child without them feeling detained.

There are many places parents take their children where they do not have high chairs available. Friends houses, family members' houses, and some restaurants often do not have this convenience. This is why we created the Tie Chair™, to make a mother's life easier.

The Tie Chair™ is a portable, washable high chair that works just about anywhere, and the best part is that it folds up and fits right in your diaper bag.

The Tie Chair™ fits most dining chairs, and can be used as soon as children are able to sit up on their own. It also comes in ten different fun fabric choices.

As with high chairs, never leave your child unattended."

what do YOU blog about?

That's pretty much a standard question once people find out I write a blog. I get that followed by the 'eyes'. You know. That incredulous look people get when you tell them something that is beyond their realm of comprehension? Yeah. I get that a lot. Especially when I wasn't working and couldn't possibly have anything exciting to talk about considering most of my days were spent at home........ And it's probably my most favorite question to answer simply because its' such an easy answer. Everything and nothing. This is in by no means a 'mommy blog' or a 'wedding/crafting/d.i.y./ how -to  type blog  but it is. It's all those things. Because I am all those things. A wife. a mother. A makeup artist, writer, aspiring crafter and creative individual all around and a million other things. Why should I pigeon hole myself & my blog (writing) into being just ONE thing? What I write is from the heart and is truly what I feel. Maybe the topics are current and…

Style me Pretty?

So once upon a time I fancied myself a writer and apparently they think I might be one as well.
Go check me out here and tell me what you think HERE

because i'm awesome

There was a fatality on the tracks of the train I normally ride early Monday morning resulting in me having to take a different line into work. This threw me off as the arrival & departure schedules are different. I rushed out of work to try and make my 4:40pm train, double checked the sign to make sure I was headed to the right track and ran up the stairs. I made it with 5 min. to spare but noticed the doors to the train were still closed.
I noted it as being odd and kept walking toward my usual car. I glanced at the clock and noticed we were down to 3 min and the doors still weren't open - I glanced up to check the sign and make sure there was no delay and happened to notice I was on standing on the side for Track 8B. Nice.  I'm supposed to be on 7B.  I rushed over to the opposite side and plopped down just as the doors were closing! whew!
Tuesday ; my co-worker and I are generally the first people to arrive to work on our floor.  Our office is one that requires a key card to ge…

wrapping it up

my body hates me.
because for some reason I seem to think that I can stay out until the wee morning hours and still be able to function the remainder of the weekend.
why do I lie to myself?
We had a lovely weekend full of running errands, spending time w/ family & friends and of course.....yummy food.
Saturday I was up and at 'em fairly early (for us). Got up and went for a walk to clear my head and get my day started off right.
I followed that up w/ some errand running where I SCORED big time at The Nordstrom Rack - I went in there to possibly find a cute black dress to wear out that evening and some kind of black sandals.
Now I had a limit of $50 being as that was how much I had on the gift card I "discovered" in my wallet.
So I went in fully expecting to find nothing or something that was terribly over budget.
But I got lucky.
boy - did I get lucky!!
I found this adorable black dress (some kind of rayon/poly blend - so light and airy!!) AND some all black gladiato…
Because it's Friday and "one of those days" I am not really in the mood for a a 'traditional' post. so I think I will do bullet points of a few things I'm excited about right now I'm super excited about the Kleenex Hand Towels - do you know about them? just a sturdy as a 'regular' paper towel but 10x softer and more convenient! (no ripping and thusly dripping water on the remainder of dry towels)

My manager at work hipped me tothis  bunch of cuteness at - that is about as 'put together' as I'm going to get for work AND play! Plus it makes me wanting to go shopping.
I saw the trailer for the new Tyler Perry movie "For Colored Girls" - it's been adapted from one of my all time favorite Tony award winning plays 'For Colored Girls who've considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf' by Ntozake Shange. It is also starring some heavy hitters and boasts an all-star cast of black actresses, whi…

a little Q& A for a Hump day

so I was tagged in a post by my cute little preggo bloggy friend Katie to answer some questions and you all KNOW I love Q& A so here we go!!
1. What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
oh I don't have a clue! when I was pregnant w/ Sweet Pea I had the most bizarre dreams ever but they mostly involved food (hey - i was hungry....A LOT!) but I guess it would be the premonition dream I had about being pregnant about a month or so before I discovered I actually was. Turned out later on - I had deja vu....
2. What is your favorite weeknight dinner recipe?
I have a couple of tried and true staples - cheesy alfredo pasta bake (my own recipe), Pesto Chicken Florentine (sounds fancier than it is), PW's Chicken Scallopine and tacos/burritos/spaghetti
3. If arranged marriages still happened, who would you choose for your child?
No one is good enough for Sweet Pea! ha! j/k ummmm - not sure.......she has sort of a love/hate relationship w/ my girlfriends son but he's two years …

Gemini..... a sign of the times

often times when I let it slip in conversation or happen to mention my astrological sign to people I immediately get judged. It goes a little something like this: Them: "when's your birthday" Me: June 9th them: " you're a Gemini (looks w/ disapproving eyes and raises eyebrows)  so then you have like split personalities and are too faced".
ummm......Rude much 1) do NOT assume every Gemini you meet is exactly like any other.
Yes we have similar characteristics and personality traits but we are NOT the same.
Don't believe me? find two Gemini's who are born on the same day and it will be like night & day. Yes there are character traits that are stereotypical of a Gemini but for the most part we are as mutable as the air that moves us.
(we'll go into the difference between males and females some other day) hence the reference to being flighty. We tend to not stand still  or focus on one thing for very long. Now if you're not "into"…

the drama that is my life!

That was going to be the title of my first book. At least thats what I told myself as a teenager and even into my early twenties.  because back then - my life was full of drama. Not just my drama. But everybody's drama. What was happening to my friends was happening to ME as well don't ya know!?
And I would just duck when it all hit the fan and wait out the next storm. Because if it wasn't one friend, it was another, or their roommate or the roommates cousins sisters friend. It started out in high school when the drama of 1st period can wreak havoc over the rest of your day and continued well into college where there were just more girls, more cattiness and ten times the dramz. Over the years though things seemed to have calmed down. There would be little flare ups here and there but nothing so all consuming as to allow me to forget what was really happening. And part of me just figured that the older I got, the less drama there would be. Somebody liiiiiiiiied to me! It's not …

stop the presses............

It seems I have lost my desire to shop. To spend money somewhat frivolously, as it were, on items that make me happy for a small amount of time. its all so tragic. This afternoon I had a few hours to myself and about $25 on a Target  gift card while Babe was occupied with football. So I went to see what I could see in the way of 'cute-stuff'. And they do have some cute stuff But nothing really sparked my fancy clothes/shoe wise. and that made me sad. I headed over to the book aisle  to see that would quench my desire to acquire something to make my heart go pitter pat and was delighted to discover they had which I missed grabbing on my shopping spree run. But then I saw and and this too!
Oy Vey! What's a girl to do? Of course I really wanted PW's cookbook as I've tried many of her recipes before and we have loved every single one. But cupcake cuteness x like 1000???
And hello slow cooker recipes that looked absolutely delightful! I was completely torn! And somewhat shocked. (Here I…

honest fear

this post was actually written months ago but was hiding in my drafts and I finally let it out......

My wheels are turning. My friend Rachel posted this and this in the last few days and then my girl Amber posted this and my too cute supervisor at work is 8 months gone (and still working y'all!)
and all of it has gotten me to thinking........
well even more so.....
about my own birth/pregnancy/child -wanting experience/ situation. If you've been reading this blog at all you know that I have an 8 year old little girl. You also know that I hit the big 3-0 last year and am getting married this summer. Yeah it's a little backwards I know but work with me will ya? Ever since Babe and I got back together and engaged we have been hit with the same question over and over: "when are you having another baby" or  "do you want any more kids?" and from some of my sick humored friends "you need to have another baby asap so D (Babe) can get his boy. i thin…

scattered, smothered and potatoes

apologies in advance if none of this makes sense. My thoughts are scattered these past few days and its taking all my energy to reel them in. My horoscope today even confirmed what I was already feeling Friday, Sep 3rd, 2010 --You can become more scattered today and feel as if you cannot get anything done. Meanwhile, everything changes when a close friend engages you in an intense conversation. But even if you don't want to admit your lack of focus, it will be more helpful if you do. Once you begin talking about your frustrations, you will realize what you must do next. Don't delay getting started, for your concentration may not last too long.  Nice to have something you feel actually confirmed. But its true.  I am very scattered and not in a "frazzled out of my mind kind of way" more like a " I have so many things I want to accomplish -where do I start first" type of thing. I feel as though there is so much in me (my head at least) that I need to GET OUT bu…