one ohhhhhm at a time..........

guess what y'all?
Today is YOGA TUESDAY!!!!
you know what that means?
I get to do yoga w/ my boo's!!!!
whoop whoop!!
We probably haven't met regularly since about April. 
I kid you not.
and I've MISSED it!!!
I need to get ZEN in the den ya dig?
I'm not as scattered as I had been feeling and I think a HUGE help was clearing out some of the mess that was in our kitchen.
and by 'mess' I mean goodies we got as wedding gifts + decor remnants + craft supplies needing a home.
yeah that?
finally got a handle on it.
all of the goodies have been taken out of their traveling homes and put away neatly.
The decor remnants + crafting supplies have been neatly stacked and are awaiting their turn to find a good home.
Finally, got to utilize those fabulous gift cards we got as well!
Two carts and several hundred dollars later........
I have a new bedding set! 

Except our sheets are a really pretty pomegranate color.
We also came up on a new shower curtain to match the swanky new 'bath sheets' we were gifted.
Basically I just went in there and was like "yeah I like that. I'll take it!" didn't even bother to look at the price tag ( well in some instances)
boy was that refreshing!
spend as much as you want without having to worry about the consequences?
Yes, please!!!
And once we got home and go to putting things away that inspired the Hubbs to get to work on the kitchen thusly prompting ME to re-organize.
While I did grumble about it ( who wouldn't? it was 98 degrees in my house!)
It made me feel so good to have that out of the way and to see how snazzy my kitchen looked!!!!

Hooray for Target, gift cards and organizing!!!
and let's give it up for a husband who does all these things on his own!!!
whoooo hoooo!!!! 

so how's your week going?


  1. I finally cleaned out the once was guest room/now becoming baby room and I know what you mean....everything just seems a little better once that one big thing is cleaned up!


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