the most amazing cupcakes ever & time to schoolhouse rock

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday evening and I am preparing myself for work tomorrow.
where the heck did the weekend go?
I swear these two measly days are going by faster and faster!!!
Summer is winding down and we are trying to squeeze out every last little bit of fun we can!
Not that we don't have fun during the school year but we all know there is a HUGE difference between late-night-no-school-the-next-day- summer fun and have-to-go-to-school-the-next-day kind of fun!
So to honor the last few days of summer we broke in the new grill and the new Kitchen Aid mixer and had a few friends over for some eats!
Like, for serious - IN LOVE.
It's been sitting in my house since mid June but ya know "wedding stuff" got in the way so it didn't get used.
But remember when I said we organized things?
Well yeah - now it's out and ready to be used!
so I did!
I made this bit of

as I was passed the recipe a few months back but never had the time to get busy.
Ummmm. Yeah.
Will DEFINITELY be making those again.
The only changes I made is that I used a yellow cake base instead of chocolate.
***I'm not that big of a fan of chocolate cake
Needless to say we are in a bit of a cupcake coma around these parts.


Tomorrow morning Sweet Pea starts the 3rd grade!
I have no idea how this happened. 
 I know I say it all the time but any mom will tell you that the phrase ' they grow up so fast' will become your mantra from age 2 on to 18.
She picked out her outfit
 (skinny jeans, tunic and patent grey flats  and star earrings thank-you-very-much)
made her lunch
snazzy new backpack
and got her hair 'done'.
She is ready to rock the third grade.
Bring on the multiplication , book reports and science projects.

So long, Summer........

Welcome Back to School!!!!


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