into the groove ......kind of a mess

I finally feel like I'm getting back into the groove.
Back to the swing of things.
3 weeks later.
but in about 2 more weeks it will all change again
Sweet Pea goes back to school on August 30th.
3rd grade.
I can't even believe it.
where has the time gone?
it was just a minute ago she was starting Kindergarten!
But alas, these are the days of our lives.

As usual we have a LOT going on in our home.
Still trying to find a home for the majority of these wedding gifts.
I need a few days to just sit w/ my stuff and re-organize a few areas of the house (namely the cabinets for pots/pans + baking equipment) but either "haven't had the time" / been too lazy to tackle it all.
who knew the after math of a wedding was just as much chaos as the prelude?
and if you knew - why didn't anyone say something to me!!????
thanks a lot people!

So that's a project.

And then there are the gift cards. 
Oh how I love and despise thee......
You give me the option of choosing to spend you on whatever my heart desires but oh how you mock me with your limits and options!!
Now - if you read this blog or know me in person at all you KNOW how I love me some Target.
But right now I am having such a hard time trying to decide how to best utilize my many wonderful gift cards!
What if I make the wrong decision and waste it?
So for now - I will wait.
I will do some "online scouting" and hit the store this weekend armed with a list of wants/needs for the house and other "quirks" set to quench my absurd flights of fancy when.

I am seriously looking forward to it.
On another note:
We spent a lovely weekend with friends and out enjoying the weather.
Friday night I rushed home from work as the Mr. and I had a date to go see Cedric The Entertainer at the Gibson Amphitheater next to Universal Studios.
Fabulously fun evening.
Laughed so hard I cried and my face still hurt the next day!!
the tickets were a wedding gift and we thoroughly enjoyed our first official 'date night' as a married couple!
Sweet Pea slept over her BFF/Sister Friend's house on Friday and then her mom dropped the girls off so I could take them to a party Saturday afternoon.
Cupcakes + jumper + candy bar+ trampoline + chocolate dipped/covered EVERYTHING = a GRAND ole time for the girls.
I had a pretty good time catching up w/ my yoga boo as well..... 
Yesterday was nice and simple - ran a few errands, took the girls to the pool, dropped the other kiddo off and took time to play w/ the baby ; movie w/ the Sweet Pea and then homemade spaghetti dinner for all!!
Love, love, love a fun and relaxing weekend.

What have you been up to???


  1. I would have warned you, I just thought it was just me! I moved 2 days after our wedding 4 hrs away to "our first apartment". Then exactly one month later we moved 27 hrs away from there to where we are now. So basically we had a lot of chaos, but I thought that was unique to our very unique situation ;)


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