the Honeymoon will NEVER be over.......

Well here we are folks!
I am finally getting around to incorporating some Honeymoon pics on here!
I have been so lazy lately I feel as though I am moving under water some days!
If you don't know - we went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico for 6 days of R&R post wedding.
It was nothing short of amazing!
We stayed at the beautiful hotel
(and got a great deal to boot thanks to one of our Best Men)
and took in some of the 'sights' as well as 'attractions'.

  •  went zip lining at speeds upwards of 30mph and ridiculous heights, that also included a rappel down 180 ft. mountain.Yep. I did that. and I didn't even scrape my knee!!!  (snaps for me) AND a tequila tasting
  • took a Glass Bottom Boat water taxi to Lover's Beach and had a tour of the famous Arch (where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez)
  • Had yummy/ romantic dinners by candlelight while the waves crashed against the shore
  • Attended five meelion timeshare presentations to get a bunch of free ish (hence the zip lining and whatnot)
  • Met a few other Newlyweds and bonded over drinks
  • Had a sunset cruise and cabaret show
  • were forced to do shots of tequila ( they twisted my arm I promise!!  => )
  • had an all around good time with each other
Before we knew it ; it was time to head back to "real life".
We had such a fabulous time re-connecting with each other and making goo goo eyes over dinner. In all the hustle, bustle and DRAMA that led up to our blessed event we sort of lost each other.
we never forgot what we were doing or why but we were so busy doing other things that we weren't really able to spend time together as a couple.
just us.
so check it out below.
it's just us.
me & my Babe.

do we look like we enjoyed our vacation much????

annnnd awayyyyy we go!!

Viva Los Cabos Mexico!!!!


  1. glad you had a fun honeymoon! we also spent our honeymoon in Los Cabos and loved it so much we went back for our one year anniversary and have been dreaming of going back ever since! so beautiful and relaxing!


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