the backlash........

so here it is a full two weeks post wedding and I still haven't posted any 'new' wedding or honeymoon pics.
I am totally fired as a blogger.
but that's simply because no one tells you all the FUN that happens 
after the wedding.
The joy of coming home to a house that looks like a hair,nail polish, makeup, glitter & feather tornado went through it.
Nope - they don't tell you that all those 'Thank Yous" that you planned to just 'knock out real quick' will take a lot longer than you thought.
That the laundry will be piled up 
They also don't tell you that after a crazy year or so of planning, 8 days off of work and 6 days for a honeymoon you will want. to. do. NOTHING.
All I want to do is sit on my couch and look at all the stuff we got.
However, my super driven/motivated husband is insisting that I get off my duff and get to it!
so last night I started the Thank Yous, I've been tackling the laundry bit by bit and the house seems to be resembling our home once again.
Less like a Crate & Barrel / Target warehouse.
And I have to admit.
I'm kind of having a bit of a withdrawal.
No hustle and bustle and crossing things off the massive 'to-do' list........
no dresses to order/ measure, shoes to color match and hair -do's to figure out.
Just silence and stillness.
I went by my friend Melissa's house on Sunday to help HER w/ some wedding crafts and I was feeling sad cuz I wasn't in that 'i'm kind of a crazy lady w/ a glue gun" type phase.
and folks - I am SO excited for her wedding!!!
it is going to be SO freaking cute and I can't wait to see how all the elements come together!!!
 Which definitely gets my wheels turning but that is another thought for another post on another day!

On another note it seems odd to not have a calender full of stuff 'to -do' and have every weekend packed.
Though we are starting to fill in a lot of the empty spaces it was bizarre to look at it and know there was nothing we had to do in August.
And that was/is a nice feeling.
to kind of just be still for a bit.
It won't last long I'm sure but for now........

I will enjoy the stillness and catch up on my DVR w/ the Hubbs.

What have you all been up to?


  1. OHHHHHH the 'Thank Yous'! Those took me FOREVER. And if you would like to write a to-do list for me you can :) I have a big event coming up (see latest post) to plan for!


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