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With Sweet Pea going back to school and the wedding over and done with I've kind of been sitting around like : well now what? what am I going to take on next? Obviously, the next question people ask once you've been married about a month "so when are you going to start having babies?" - seeing as how we already have one; no rush there. but i will be honest: i have had babies on the brain for quite some time lately. most likely because of the abundance of cuddly cuteness I am surrounded by. My hair-dresser and sister-friend has an almost 1yr. old  I'm slightly obsessed with.    (don't you just want to squeeze him?) ( not to worry he totally hearts me too) and our other good friends the Pierre's have a little one as well with baby # 2 on the way! And I have to admit - with Sweet Pea getting older I kind of want to have a little one around. yes. I said it. and you can quote me on that. I kind of want to have a baby. I'm really curious to see what he/she

the most amazing cupcakes ever & time to schoolhouse rock

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday evening and I am preparing myself for work tomorrow. where the heck did the weekend go? I swear these two measly days are going by faster and faster!!! Summer is winding down and we are trying to squeeze out every last little bit of fun we can! Not that we don't have fun during the school year but we all know there is a HUGE difference between late-night-no-school-the-next-day- summer fun and have-to-go-to-school-the-next-day kind of fun! So to honor the last few days of summer we broke in the new grill and the new Kitchen Aid mixer and had a few friends over for some eats! Like, for serious - IN LOVE. It's been sitting in my house since mid June but ya know "wedding stuff" got in the way so it didn't get used. But remember when I said we organized things ? Well yeah - now it's out and ready to be used! so I did! I made this bit of ridiculous yumminess   as I was passed the recipe a few

one ohhhhhm at a time..........

guess what y'all? Today is YOGA TUESDAY!!!! you know what that means? I get to do yoga w/ my boo's !!!! whoop whoop!! We probably haven't met regularly since about April.  I kid you not. and I've MISSED it!!! I need to get ZEN in the den ya dig? I'm not as scattered as I had been feeling and I think a HUGE help was clearing out some of the mess that was in our kitchen. and by 'mess' I mean goodies we got as wedding gifts + decor remnants + craft supplies needing a home. yeah that? finally got a handle on it. all of the goodies have been taken out of their traveling homes and put away neatly. The decor remnants + crafting supplies have been neatly stacked and are awaiting their turn to find a good home. Finally, got to utilize those fabulous gift cards we got as well! Two carts and several hundred dollars later........ I have a new bedding set!  Except our sheets are a really pretty pomegranate color. We also came up on a new shower curtain to match the

Five question Friday!!!!!

So it's been awhile since I linked up with Mama M for her 5Q Friday - mostly because I got crazy busy with wedding planning and work - but now that that's done..........lookout now!!! Without further ado - here are this week's questions!  Do you have any nicknames and if so how did they come about? What is the birth order among your siblings in the movie of your life who would play your significant other? what is currently your favorite song? Are you saving money for anything right now? Big or small purchases? ********* The Rules: Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions, answer them, then make sure to link up when the linky's up! If you are "blogless", feel free to answer the comments below! 1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did they come about? I actually have a couple nicknames , Amb, Ambular (thank you girls of Clueless!) , Eber ( thanks to my bro - i have no idea how he cam up w/ that), Babe - most of th

the Honeymoon will NEVER be over.......

Well here we are folks! I am finally getting around to incorporating some Honeymoon pics on here! I have been so lazy lately I feel as though I am moving under water some days! If you don't know - we went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico for 6 days of R&R post wedding. It was nothing short of amazing! We stayed at the beautiful hotel (and got a great deal to boot thanks to one of our Best Men) and took in some of the 'sights' as well as 'attractions'. We:  went zip lining at speeds upwards of 30mph and ridiculous heights, that also included a rappel down 180 ft. mountain.Yep. I did that. and I didn't even scrape my knee!!!  (snaps for me) AND a tequila tasting took a Glass Bottom Boat water taxi to Lover's Beach and had a tour of the famous Arch (where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez) Had yummy/ romantic dinners by candlelight while the waves crashed against the shore Attended five meelion timeshare presentations to get a bunch of free

monday mish mash

I am just a hodge podge of thoughts and ideas right now. so much swirling around in my head! It's hard to get a firm grip on things lately. It seems now that the wedding is over we still haven't slowed down as much as I would have thought. Sure our days/nights are no longer packed with following up on R.S.V.P's and making sure all the aunts & uncles have outfits to wear. Now we have come to the ultimate : what do we do next phase. When we moved last year it was w/ a one year lease and shortly before the wedding we received an email from the property managers stating they would love to have us as tenants for another year.......BUT our rent was going up. Sweet. And of course my wonderful husband began immediately looking for a new home for us...... citing space issues etc....... but I put my foot down. We are NOT moving just before/after a wedding! That's just crazy! But now that I'm thinking about it........ I think he may be right. We have been seriously talkin
hello out there in blogging land!!! did ya miss me?? I've been a bit M.I.A. for the last few weeks as we had THE event finally take place. Yep. That's right. I'm married y'all!!!!!!! On Saturday July 24, 2010 at 3pm in the afternoon I married my Babe. In front of God, Sweet Pea and all our wonderful friends and family!! It was the happiest moment of my life. seriously. I don't think there are more than 4-5 pictures of me with my mouth closed. I laughed ALL day long. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my AMAZING photographers Melissa Brandman and Melissa Munding. Please go check out both of their sites and leave comments if you like the pics!  These two ladies came, mingled with the crowd, got some fantastic shots and overall captured the entire spirit of our wedding day and still managed to get their boogie on as well!!! I'm a little reluctant to get 'back to reality' after the fun of the wedding/reception and the HONEYMOON fun so I have been p