wedding wednesday - 9 days.....and some pictures finally!!!

So I promised that there would be pictures this week.
and I am living up to my end of the bargain albeit a day late for our usual
Wedding Wednesday update.
We got 9 days until this thing jumps off.
9 days.
12 months of planning and it all comes down to these last 9 days.
Craziness if you ask me.
so here are a few snapshots below of all the FUN that has gone on in my house these last few weeks.
I meant to take a photo of my dining/living room so y'all can see how my house looks like a wedding warehouse & gift registry threw up.
We got feathers, jewels, ribbons, glue sticks, glue gun, flowers and Styrofoam all over the place!!
We can't even use one half of our kitchen table as you can see below,
I had to set up the centerpieces SOMEWHERE right?
The dining table seemed like a great place!

D.I.Y. centerpieces:
purple phalenopsis orchid stems
found at USI Floral Inc. for $3.49 each!!
 6" x 12" cylinder vases on sale for $3.75 each  from Zimax  
( thanks Mom!)
floating candle 24 for $5.99 @ IKEA

clear votive holders w/ white candles wrapped in purple ribbon (thanks to HER)
these babies are going to be filled w/ water to submerge the orchid and will place a floating candle on top.
Total cost:$47.88 
(not including cost of leftover ribbon from invites & the vases were 'gift' from my mother)

Next up:
The infamous Pomanders!!! I was bound and determined to do this craft!
I love the way they look, their simplicity and the whole stabbing Styrofoam thing is just an added bonus.
I am actually doing 10 of them
5" balls x 2 (2 purple, 2 green)
4" balls x 2 ( 2 purple, 2 green)
3" balls x 6 ( 3 purple, 3 green)

Bunch of 252 flowers for $24.99 each bunch
$59.80 for 500 flowers
Styrofoam balls : $6 for all 10
total: $65.80

This is a brief idea of what the tables will look like w/ the napkins and overlays
Thank you Raquel's linens for the fabulous colors!
and below that is my hair fascinator.
the. one. that. I. made.
all by myself and with only a smidge of encouragement from HER
It was super fun and I cannot wait to make more.
I have no idea of the actual cost to make as I bought stuff for a number of weeks but I would guesstimate $12 including tax.
easy on the wallet and totally one of a kind!!

So - what do you think?


  1. Beautiful! You are amazing :) I'm so impressed with all you could do with so little money! If only I had your knowledge when I got married!

  2. um,.. Ok as a wedding cordinator for the Ritz-Carlton, New York I have to day that I've witnessed a lot of different themes, ideas and even D.I.Y weddings but Ms. Amber (soon to be...insert fiances last name here)- You Are Truly Gifted!!! These are fabulous and look anything but D.I.Y! Love it!! And am truly happy for you!!!

    Jennifer Sabounchi

  3. LOVE IT!!! Cant wait to see the magic first hand!!!

  4. gorgeous. classy and gorgeous! you should be busting with pride at your work (with a little help I know, but still) you've made your vision a reality on a budget now that's magical!!!


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