wedding wednesday - 17 days!!!

I am 17 days away from my second most life changing moment.
(the first obviously being the birth of  the Sweet Pea)
17 days.
where did it all go?
it seems like just days ago he was proposing and we were celebrating 'being engaged'.
And only a few weeks since the Sweet Pea was born and changed our lives forever.
barely a minute ago we were just two college kids falling in love
and a second before that he was just a guy I met while hanging out on campus.
Over 11 years later - here we are.
finishing what we started
Blessed in so many ways by family and friends who've been our supporters and champions from the beginning.
It was a rocky road no doubt - anything that spans more than a decade usually is 
but totally worth the wait.
I am over the moon with excitement at the next few weeks/days.
I know they will fly by as this last month has.
I was listening to my "lurve songs" mix on my ipod this morning and got all misty when I heard the opening strains of  "At Last" by Etta James.
That is the song I am walking down the aisle to.
The song that will play while my dad escorts me to meet my intended and say "I do".
I have always known I would walk down the aisle to that song....
I was hoping our snazzy new camera would have arrived by now so I could post pics of all the craftiness that has been happening but alas - it will not be here until the 8th.
So you will have to wait until Friday to see all the FUN fabulousness that I've been up to.
Saturday my girl Amber came over and did me a HUGE favor by wrapping the votive's that will go around the centerpiece vase with ribbon. 
No small feat considering we had to kids running around.
She is so freaking awesome. Like for reals.
And she brought the fixings for mimosas!!! 
I also tried my hand at re-creating my hair fascinator  `a la :

It actually turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! 
The Pomanders are coming along nicely and the centerpieces are going to be super cute & simple. 
All the things I love.
I have to say - things are coming together quite well.
I'm also blessed enough to have some FAB friends who are throwing me not only a Bachelorette party but a Bridal shower as well as other plans fell through.
These girls rallied and worked it out so I am able to experience both of these "traditions" and for that I am forever grateful.
I've gotten so much help from so many unexpected resources and not so much from those you would think but it's all worked out in the end and I can't wait to walk down that aisle.
Check back in a few days for another update - this time with pictures!!!!


  1. Oooooh! What kind of camera did you get? 'Cause if there's something I like talking about even more than weddings, it's photography! Can't wait to see you looking AMAZING on your big day! I'm so glad I get to sneak my way in hehehe!

  2. yay!!! I'm so happy for you :)

  3. Love your head piece for the wedding! It's so pretty!!

  4. So excited for you, and I love the song you are walking down the aisle too :) So sweet.


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