Say a little Prayer for them.......

the longest relationship I've ever had
has been with this awesome chick.
Michelle Vandruff LaBrecque 
( and her hubs)
she is my best friend tried and true.
My ride or die chick.
I have spoken about her before I'm sure.
She has always been there for me when I needed her most.
No matter what else was going on in her life.
And now - she needs more than just me.
She needs you.
More specifically your prayers
You see her dad is sick.
REALLY sick.
as in we don't know how long he has.
Some horrible, incurable disease has invaded his body and changed him.
And she was scheduled to come out for the wedding in a little over a week but has since moved up her ticket and I am glad.
She needs to be here.
See him.
Make peace.
The last few years have been tough.
Family drama and whatnot.
I won't get into it but it's been a struggle and she has been so amazingly strong.
I am so in awe.
I for sure would have fallen apart.
For sure.

So can you do me a huge favor?
Can you pray for her dad?
And her?
Along with her mother and sister and the rest of the family?
This can't be easy for them.
Watching your loved one deteriorate.
I can't even imagine.
All I can do is be there for her.
And pray.
And please - won't you?

Say a prayer for Mr. Rick Vandruff and his family.
It would mean so much


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