day dreaming

so based on Wednesday's post I should have some pics for you right?
wellllll......I lied.
Not intentionally of course.
The camera came but it was just a jazzier version of our old one
and our orig was just a regular pocket sized digital camera.
I haven't graduated to the COOL stuff yet.
next time, next time.
But anyway - so we were supposed to get some SUPER cool upgrade
But no dice.
We got this.
And not in the pretty pink color either.

But it's still a camera right? 
So while Babe decided on what he wants to do I was not able to take pics of my wares last night.
Providing he makes up his mind I will for sure post them this weekend.

Since it's Friday and we are 15 days from wedded bliss and 16 days away from our Cabo San Lucas get-away my mind is here:

I can't wait to get away.......
Margaritas by the pool w/ my Babe sound heavenly right about now
as does a massage........ahhhh
I can already hear the ocean.
I've already got my bathing suits picked out.
I plan on packing this weekend.

what are you day dreaming about?


  1. Funny I was also daydreaming about going somewhere warm, with a warm ocean to swim in - I didn't get to go swimming in the ocean in Cuba and I'm longing for a warm dip in the salty sea!
    The hot man, massage and margarita's would be OK too!!!

  2. I'm also daydreaming about mom invited me to come with her in September and I'm trying to see if I can swing it. 7 days away...with no kids. *sigh* :)


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