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wedding wednesday - 9 days.....and some pictures finally!!!

So I promised that there would be pictures this week. and I am living up to my end of the bargain albeit a day late for our usual Wedding Wednesday update. We got 9 days until this thing jumps off. 9 days. 12 months of planning and it all comes down to these last 9 days. Craziness if you ask me. so here are a few snapshots below of all the FUN that has gone on in my house these last few weeks. I meant to take a photo of my dining/living room so y'all can see how my house looks like a wedding warehouse & gift registry threw up. Seriously. We got feathers, jewels, ribbons, glue sticks, glue gun, flowers and Styrofoam all over the place!! We can't even use one half of our kitchen table as you can see below, I had to set up the centerpieces SOMEWHERE right? The dining table seemed like a great place!
D.I.Y. centerpieces: purple phalenopsis orchid stems found at USI Floral Inc. for $3.49 each!!  6" x 12" cylinder vases on sale for $3.75 each  from Zimax   ( thanks Mom!) floating candl…

Blues for all the changes.........

That's the title of  one of my favorite book of collected works from Niki Giovanni And somehow very appropriate for my life these last few days. I know I promised pictures this week but Babe took the camera with him to Las Vegas on Saturday - and I did not discover this until late Saturday evening. nice. So this evening is picture time! for reals this time. pinky swear and all that.
the last two days have been absolutely crazy. but oddly - I'm in such a ZEN place it hasn't really phased me the way it would have a week or so ago. My god sister told me a few months ago "Amb - the closer you get to the wedding. the crazier things/ people get." I was like 'yeah right'.  it CAN'T get any crazier than it has been. I spoke to soon. Sunday one of my bridesmaids and supposed 'friend' bailed out of the wedding on me. 12 days before. Via text message. After being asked repeatedly if she was okay with it and still wanted to participate. but NOW she's out. Umm, ok. A w…

day dreaming

so based on Wednesday's post I should have some pics for you right? wellllll......I lied. Not intentionally of course. The camera came but it was just a jazzier version of our old one and our orig was just a regular pocket sized digital camera. I haven't graduated to the COOL stuff yet. next time, next time. But anyway - so we were supposed to get some SUPER cool upgrade But no dice. We got this. And not in the pretty pink color either.
But it's still a camera right?  So while Babe decided on what he wants to do I was not able to take pics of my wares last night. Providing he makes up his mind I will for sure post them this weekend.
******** Since it's Friday and we are 15 days from wedded bliss and 16 days away from our Cabo San Lucas get-away my mind is here:

I can't wait to get away....... Margaritas by the pool w/ my Babe sound heavenly right about now as does a massage........ahhhh I can already hear the ocean. I've already got my bathing suits picked out. I plan on packing th…

Say a little Prayer for them.......

the longest relationship I've ever had
has been with this awesome chick. Michelle Vandruff LaBrecque  ( and her hubs) she is my best friend tried and true. My ride or die chick. I have spoken about her before I'm sure. She has always been there for me when I needed her most. No matter what else was going on in her life. And now - she needs more than just me. She needs you. More specifically your prayers You see her dad is sick. REALLY sick. as in we don't know how long he has. Some horrible, incurable disease has invaded his body and changed him. And she was scheduled to come out for the wedding in a little over a week but has since moved up her ticket and I am glad. She needs to be here. See him. Make peace. The last few years have been tough. Family drama and whatnot. I won't get into it but it's been a struggle and she has been so amazingly strong. I am so in awe. I for sure would have fallen apart. For sure.
So can you do me a huge favor? Can you pray for her dad? And her? Along with her…

wedding wednesday - 17 days!!!

I am 17 days away from my second most life changing moment. (the first obviously being the birth of  the Sweet Pea) 17 days. wow. where did it all go? it seems like just days ago he was proposing and we were celebrating 'being engaged'. And only a few weeks since the Sweet Pea was born and changed our lives forever. barely a minute ago we were just two college kids falling in love and a second before that he was just a guy I met while hanging out on campus. Over 11 years later - here we are. finishing what we started Blessed in so many ways by family and friends who've been our supporters and champions from the beginning. It was a rocky road no doubt - anything that spans more than a decade usually is  but totally worth the wait. I am over the moon with excitement at the next few weeks/days. I know they will fly by as this last month has. I was listening to my "lurve songs" mix on my ipod this morning and got all misty when I heard the opening strains of  "At Last" by…