wrapping it up

What a wonderfully busy- but- not-crazy weekend!
The weather was A-MAZING. reminded us all why we live in So.Cal and it stayed like that both days!!!
whoo hoo!!
maybe I'll get lucky and it'll stay nice for my birthday on Wednesday?
A girl can only dream.
The weekend started off lovely with a celebration in honor of my future-mother in law!
She obtained her SECOND Master's degree in Education on Friday evening and a few of the local famdamily came by to celebrate with yummy enchilada's!!
Saturday I had the good fortunate to flex my creative/artistry muscles and help out a friend!
Melissa Munding  was doing a Mini-Marathon Boudoir Photo session at this swanky little hotel and asked if I would be willing to do the makeup for her models!
Of course I jumped at the chance! 
Since the engagement I haven't really had the opportunity to do as much makeup as I'd like to and it was a great way for me to add to my portfolio as well!
AND it got me thinking about a wedding gift for Babe!!!
Oooh La la!!!
Can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!
I also had the opportunity to meet her fiance Brandon.
Omg! the two of them are so cute together!!!
I am so excited to have gotten to know Melissa and work with her and now to finally meet the love of her life......well all is right in my world!
Babe and Sweet Pea hit the beach for a bonfire with some friends
(sad I missed out on the fun, NOT the copious amount of sand in Sweet Pea's hair)
so their day wasn't too shabby either!
Sunday was a good fun day. 
Once again the weather co-operated and was beautiful all day.
We didn't head out until mid afternoon but the much needed extra sleep was greatly appreciated.
Had to make a run to the Men's Warehouse to ensure the ties we picked out were what "we" (read me) were looking for.
Good thing we did!
Our order was all wrong!!
wrong vests, right color.
Could've been all bad when the groomsmen went to pick up their suits!!
Fortunately that was easily resolved as was the tie issue (for now) and we were off to Costco to stock up on the "essentials".
Of course after perusing the ginormous warehouse full of goodies we had to pick up some pizza and a hot dog from their famous food service center!

We quickly put the food away and got to business watching the Laker game.
Unfortunately the game was highly disappointing but a simple dinner of spaghetti and warm artisan rustic rolls followed by fresh baked chocolate chip cookies made it all seem better.

My birthday is in a few days so I'm looking forward to a week filled with phone calls and "old lady" jokes.........

what's going on in your world this week?


  1. Sounds like a beautiful weekend! If you could send some of that weather my way....I got to sit up yesterday evening with two dogs terrified of thunderstorms. Deeeeelightful.
    Andddd I've missed you and your posts while I've been gone :)


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