wedding wednesday.........38 days!!

what the heck????
38 days? really?????
as you all know from this my shoes came!!!
I tried them on and they are super cute! I only hope they look as cute w/ the dress and I can stay standing in them all night!
Tonight I get to go pick up my dress for my final fitting!!! I don't know if I want to cry or scream w/ excitement.
It's all going by so fast!
Planning a wedding is similar to planning for a baby - same type of commitment and love go into it.
With a pregnancy though - the end is the beginning and with a wedding........well when it's over, it's over!
and it's kind of bittersweet actually; we have put so much time and effort into this event and I can't believe in 38 short days it will all be over and all I will have left are the memories, laughs and LOTS of pictures!
I am so looking forward to it though! I can't wait to see how all these separate random elements come together!
This past weekend my fabulous friend Ms. Tiffany and I braved the "mean streets" of downtown Los Angele's Fashion District to pick up some bits and baubles for this shindig.
I got - all of the stuff for my hair fascinator which I was super stressed out about finding AND I got a STEAL of a deal on peacock feathers for the bouquet's, fascinator, boutonniere's and possibly a headband for the little girls. I even have some left over to affix to the guest book!! whoop whoop!!!
I'm gonna be a crafting MACHINE I tell ya!!!
And can I just say that I know some of the most amazing women?
Like, for serious.
I have received so much help in the way of  physical, emotional, spiritual and research assistance I don't think I can ever repay these women w/ enough thank you's and hugs!!
I am forever indebted to you all.
You know who you are.
so thats where we are. 
I thought I was gonna be super cool and productive and have pics of all the cool things I bought but............
yeah........... clearly that didn't happen AND the Lakers played last night.
priorities people!
not to worry I will follow up w/ images I promise!!!

now back to your regularly schedule blog stalking!!! 


  1. SO EXCITED that it's so soon!!! :) I'm like giddy for you!

  2. Soo exciting!!! Enjoy every minute! :)


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