Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wedding wednesday - 45 days & a birthday

guess what everyone?
today is my birthday!!! 
(duhhh I only posted about it here)
whooo hoooo!!!
 It has been a pretty great day already!
I got a boat load of well wishes on FB that got me a little teary-eyed ,
some cool toys and a ton of sweets and some pretty beautiful flowers as well!
Thanks friends for all the love!

Now on to the good stuff!
The wedding update!!!
ha! you thought I would skip that in light of having a birthday??!!!
child, please.

So - we are trucking right along on in our planning/implementation.
We got 45 days y'all.
45. days.
I can't even deal.
I'm so excited I want to jump out of my skin
 but I'm so stressed out I want to hide under a rock!
how is that even possible??
But I will prevail and it will all come together beautifully right?
I'm excited as I have delusions  plans to make a trip to the "Garment District" on Sunday in Downtown Los Angeles and get my full craft scout on!!
I have spent the last few days researching the best places to go and who carries what so that when I'm there I am not wasting time just "wandering" the streets.
I have a map and lists of what I need and where these items are in relation to each other.
Yes. I am a ltitle nuerotic. 
sue me.
I like to be prepared!
So I'm SUPER excited about that.
I have been itching to do a craft project ever since my 'pomander experiment' and I have spent the last week or so figuring out all the elements and supplies needed and pricing them out to be on budget! 
and I think I may have done it!!!
But we will know for sure after my excursion on Sunday!
What else have I tackled you ask?
No? well I'll tell you anyway 
I found and booked a florist thanks to this lovely lady who referred me to Andre's House of Floral Design
Y'all this man has agreed to create what I want within my miniscule budget!!!
We have a 'date' to meet next Thursday so I'll keep you posted on that!
Oh and I finally chose shoes!!!!
The winners are:

Basically - they match the Groom's tie the best, got the best reviews and were on sale!!
I'm $69 and some change under budget on that item!!!
whoo hoo!!! 
LOVE it when that happens and you know so does my CFO!!

I think that's all I've got on the wedding front this week.........

stay tuned for next week and 38 days!!!

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  1. Beautiful shoes! So exciting that it's so close. I'm so excited to see how it all comes together :)


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